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Latin in certificates

Colne Lancs
I have recently discovered in a parish record a number of interesting (for me)
baptismal records. unfortunaly they seem to be in latin. I am told that
Roman catholic documents were often transcribed this way. Is this true?
I have managed to work out the obvious i.e, the person being baptised, mother, father etc, but one that is throwing me is " MATRINA FUIT" The name given in this column seems to be that of the subjects wife and that can hardly seems right, given that he was only 3 days old at the time. I hope someone can help on this. Thanks in anticipation.
Hi pat,
you are correct in assuming roman catholic birth certs were indeed written in latin, I checked online and with our local parish priest on the translation on " Matrina Fuit " the translation is "the godfather/ mother" in respect of birth certs, hope this is of help to you. By the way I got your pm about you being "all shook up" hope there was no damage best regards stericoO0
Thank you to you both for your prompt assistance, and yes this does make sense. He married a Winifred and it seems had an older sister of the same name to whom he later became estranged. This 'discovery' is opening up a whole new avenue of invetigation for me. Thanks again to you both.
Best wishes