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Law of Entail in England late 1770's-early 1780's?

Hello, I am from Missouri USA , and I was needing some information on the English law of entail? My 6th great-grandfather was said to have left his estate in Birmingham, England to his son Henry's descent( the third in direct line). However, I do not have a name for my 6th great grandfather, just his son's name. Henry Warden/Worden or Henry Rogers/Warden/Worden. Henry however, came to america sometime around 1759-1760, and took the name Henry Rogers, so it is said that when his father died, in Birmingham, England sometiime in the late 1770's early 1780's, that the children of Henry, could not inherit the estate. because they had the last name of Rogers, instead of Warden/Worden, and that the property ect, ended up in the Court of Chancery???. How could someone go about finding out about this estate? Thank you, Dana :)

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