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Lets have fun


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South Africa
Ok people lets get rid of the drag and get a thread going where we can get to know each other. What do you do, where are you from, what are you researcing, do you have a good recipe? I would like to form some kind of a bond with the people on this site.
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Hi izabel,

It's not the New Year yet! :) ha ha.

Well, I am 40+ living and working in Lichfield, Staffs. I have been researching for some years, after my Grandad died. I am mainly looking at putting "flesh on the bones", researching WW1 and finding more of what and how my ancestors lived and worked,

I don't really know any recipes - Cannot cook! Fortunately my wife looks after me well. No I am not a male chauvanist! :)

I regularly use this site (and others) for help and to help others when I can.

Hi Brit, thanks for your reply. I live in Pietermartizburg, South Africa. Im in the army - 23 years, married to a really long suffering man who gets sucked into the gene thing and have a 20 year old daughter, who since she found out I had a prostitute and a witch in my family has run from the gene thing . I love military history but admit dont know much about WW1 and 2. Have a passion for the Zulu and Boer War. Never Get enough time to visit all the battle sites - on my list to do this year. have a wonderful new year. Izabel
Hi Izabel, :)

I'm 48 living in Adelaide, Sth Australia. Married to Wayne, have 3 kids, 2 still at home.
Got into family research when I started helping mother-in-law tidy up hers. I thought why not try to look up my own tree. Oh! boy what an addictive can of worms I opened up. :confused:
Mother-in -laws was easy. She had most of the looking done even if it was all over the place. Mine well I better not go there as I might say something I shouldn't. ::) But I still plod along.
My name is a nickname I had as a small child, because I was so tiny ( pity I can't say the same now) :'( Real name Peta.

It's a sweaty 38 degrees here today :redface: Same tomorrow.
Hope everyone had a great xmas.

Take care. Hope to catch you soon

Hi Peta, Nice to hear from you. I know how addicted this gene thing can be but you meet such great people along the way. Have discovered that even if I dont find any relatives I will always be part of someones family on internet. We also had 30 degree weather for Christmas - hot and humid. Best wishes to you and your family for the new year, Izabel
Hi Izabel,
Thanks for replying. How often do you log in? Got a recipe for what we call Impossible pie if you would like to try it. It is sort of like a quiche but without the crust base. Very easy to make. I have been trying my hand at doing authentic chinese. Made a Honey & Lemon chicken with fried rice tonight. Worked out really well. A bit of a fiddle to make but worth it in the end.
Just was going through my research. Looks like I need to resort it out I've got bits everywhere. (thats what happens when I get interupted all the time). You said you had a witch in the family. That must be interesting. How did you find that bit of info out?
My kids would be facinated by that sort of revelation. My sibblings not so much.

Well better go it's after midnight here and I have a memorial to go to tomorrow so need to be up early.
Take care & will talk again soon.

Hi Peta, great to hear from you. I log when I can, not as often as I would like to. I would love the pie recipe. Im always on the look out for a meal thats easy to make. The witch story was one of those urban legends handed down in the family, however documentation in in 1570 substanitates it. She was hung at the side of the road and her body was left there till it rotted. Why do families only brag about the rotters of the family and never keep accurate records of the rest. I suppose if they did we would have nothing to do today. Keep well. Chat to you soon. Izabel
:)Hi Izabel,
The Impossible Pie is really simple.

three quarter cup chopped bacon
1 small onion chopped finely
three quarter cup grated cheese
4 eggs
1 cup milk
three quarter cup pastry mix
salt & pepper to taste

Beat eggs & milk together.
Whisk in pastry mix.
Add cheese, onion, bacon & seasonings
Pour into a greased oven proof pan
Bake at 180 degrees celcius for 40 minutes or until risen up and golden brown.

You can add your own ingredients as well if you like. I always decorate the top with tomato slices.

Your witch story is a bit gruesome. What a yucky thing to have happen to them. There are supposed to be slave traders on my husbands side, but yours beats that hands down.

Enjoy the Pie It's good with salad. Let me know how you like it.

Catch you later
Hello everybody ;D
My name is Dawn and I am 32 years old. I live with my partner Paul in Chatteris, Cambs, England. I am a nurse (for my sins) but have a yearning to be an archeologist. I would enjoy the physical digging for ancestors and much as I enjoy the mental and electronic digging for them. I am still looking for the 'character' in my tree - the person with skeletons in his (or her!) cupboard. Aside from family history, in my spare time (of which there is little!!), I enjoy listening to music (Green Day, Lost Prophets, Stereophonics, Linkin park etc) and going on holiday!! I am going to try the 'impossible pie' as it sounds delicious!!

Hi to you all,

Sorry I have not been around for the last few weeks - been busy at work.

May I wish you all a wonderfull 2006.
I too am absolutely useless at cooking (That's probably why my favourite meal is Beans on Toast! ;D)
The Impossible pie sounds brill. Musty pass it onto my wife, who is a superb cook.

Just a little about myself. I am 50, married for 28 great years to Kate. We have 2 sons (27 & 22), both living at home (cannot get rid of them - try as I might!).

Been researching Family History for some 5 years. Done the basic stuff, then went on a few courses. Made some really big mistakes (Such as researching a line back the the 1700's, only later to find they had nothing to do with my family tree!! ::)).
Found that I was helping plenty of people via the internet, so I decided to launch this web site so we can all get together. Takes a lot of time, but due to work pressures (Work away a lot) I do not get online as much as I used to do.

All the very best to you all,

Hi All,
Dawn & Dave nice to meet you. I am quite a novice on the family tree side of things. I don't run a credit card so keep hitting brick walls in my research. I have managed to do some things snail mail but a lot of services do only online credit business. Oh well those are the breaks I get around them some how, just takes me longer. I sometimes get frustrated when a site offers you a free search then links into a site that costs to view so I still get nowhere.
Especially when all my relatives I don't know about are overseas. :'(
Hope you like the pie. My kids love it. I have a daughter with an intellectual disability who can be funny at times about foods. She always looks for seconds when we have it.
Take care & will catch you soon.

Regards Peta
Hello all, Nice to chat to Dave and Dawn.

Peta the pie recipe looks great. Was a bit worried about the pastyr mix - live in darkest africa you know , however managed to find a mix in my mum in laws cookery book from the dark ages so will try it this weekend when the family is home.

Dawn my husband is going to be thrilled knowing Im not the only nutter on the planet who digs up what other people have buried. I have beautiful glass bottles and silver and brassware that I dug in old rubbish pits. You are so lucky in the UK - all the roman sites and old villiages - oh that i win the lottery. Who knows I may find my dinosaur yet. you dig girl - its great therapy.

Dave if you find out the recipe to remove your kids let me know. I have this nightmare - I have a farm and my whole family live on it. Brent and I keep saying when the kids leave home....... by that time Ill be about 90 and too decrepit to do anything.

Have a good day and hopefully the other 4999 people on the site will say to us too. Regards izabel
Dave if you find out the recipe to remove your kids let me know. I have this nightmare - I have a farm and my whole family live on it. Brent and I keep saying when the kids leave home....... by that time Ill be about 90 and too decrepit to do anything.

No problem izabel :) If I ever do - may write a book on it and make a fortune
oh that i win the lottery
- then I could join you digging in SA :wink:
Really I would love to visit SA. Nearest I got was to Kenya (Loved it!).

All the best,
Hi Dave, have heard Kenya is stunning. Lucky you. Shall have to stick with SA for the moment. Ill cross fingers for your lottery win!!!!
Hi all, ::)

Izabel, I did wonder if you would have the pastry mix there. We get it in packets here as a dry mix. I have never actually used it to make pastry. I only buy it for the pie. :redface:

Beautiful sunny day here today, temp in the high 20s. Warming up some more over the next few days. Have started trying to put my tree in a proper order. Will take me a while I think.

My M.I.L has a knack of digging up artifacts aroung the place as well. She once moved into a house that had an old rockery in the back yard. When she dug it over she found a whole host of broken things and the base of a crystal lamb. Her father cleaned it up ,rewired it and now it has pride of place on her bedside table. She had no luck finding who it belonged to unfortunately. Might have had a story.

Got to go take care.


PS: Izabel, what are the shops like there? Can you get things like canned tomatoes & canned three bean mix. If you can I have another recipe for a sausage hot pot that makes up a heap.
Hi Peta your PS did really make me laugh. We have regular shops and can get everything here - imported stuff is really dear so I only buy on special occasions. Love canned blue berries but there are nearly R30 which is about 3 pounds. Awful lot to spend on a can. Bring on the recipes. Heres one for really easy cheesecake.

1 packet tea biscuits crushed and mixed with melted margarine for a crust

1 x can condensed milk
125 ml lemon juice
1 x 250 gm tub of smooth cottage cheese
1 x 250 ml cream beaten till its realy thick and forms peaks

Bung the c/milk, lemon juice and cottage cheese together in a bowl and mix well.

Fold in the cream with a metal spoon.

Add a can of drained blueberries and stir gently.

Pour over crust

Grate liberal amounts of chocolate over the top and refidgerate till set

Find a large sppon, a quite place and enjoy.
;D Hi Izabel,

Cheese cake looks yum. my kids will love it. :p

Wasn't sure how close to shops you were. Here in some parts of aussie there are no shops close & they have to do a big shop for everything when they hit a large town. The smaller ones don't carry a huge amount. I have it easy I have big shopping complexes 10-15 mins away whichever road I travel. Which is where I will go tomorrow as I need some things for your cheese cake. My son should be over for tea tomorrow so will make a good dessert.

Had a trip to the Dr, today with my daughter. She came home from a respite break with a sore eye. :'( Yep she had an infection, luckilly not bad. It already looks better and I have only used the medicine twice.

Just got kids in bed, hubby watching a DVD, Yeah!! peace to get on the computer.

Sausage Hot Pot. Serves 5-6

8 sausages Quarter teaspoon Tabasco sauce
3 rashers lean bacon, trimmed & chopped Quarter teaspoon each basil, thyme
2 medium potatoes, diced 1 cup beef stock
1 small onion, chopped 2 tblspn lemon juice
1 clove garlic, crushed 2 tblspn chopped parsley
425g can peeled tomatoes, chopped 440g can three or four bean mix
Crusty bread rolls( optional)

Grill sausages, Chop into pieces & put aside.
Put Potatoes, Bacon, Onion& garlic in a large frypan & cook 2 minutes.
Mix together Tomatoes, Tabasco sauce, herbs, stock, lemon juice & parsley, pour into pan & stir to combine.
Return sausages to pan, cover & simmer for 10 mins.
Add bean mix & cook for a further 5 mins uncovered.
Season to taste
Serve with crusty bread rolls, Buttered if desired.

You can use thick or thin sausages. The original recipe called for thick but I prefer thin.
You can also serve with rice if you want it to go even further.

Hello everyone! :)
How's everybody? I'm fine - still recovering from the Xmas excess! Tried the 'Impossible Pie' the other day - thought it was delicious. My partner liked it very much - unfortunately that means that I will have to cook it quite a lot now. It was very easy though so I don't mind. I'm going to try both the sausage hotpot and the cheesecake soon - I LOVE cheesecake - it's my favourite dessert. Hope it's as easy as the pie!
Take it easy everyone!

Dawn >:D
Hi Everyone,

Just popped in for a quick hello. Been pottering around here but not really getting anything done. (story of my life lately). Went with my daughter to our first lesson of Karate. Boy I didn't realise just how unfit , inflexable & uncoordinated, I was becoming. Luckilly I haven't pulled up to sore. Kimberley hasn't either yet.
Was reading a little Bryce Courtenay book of poems & musings that was never released for public sale.(found it in the library) In it there was a poem called "A Recipe to Dream" so thought I would share.

A Recipe to Dream

Take one dream, Dream it in detail.
Put it into your own hands.
See its final outcome clearly in your mind.
Then mix it with a little effort and add a generous portion of self-discipline.
Flavour it with a wholesome pinch of ambition.
Stir briskly with confidence until the mixture becomes clear,
the doubt separated from the resolution.
Then bake at an even temperature in a moderate mind until the dream rises and is firm to the touch.
Decorate with individuality.
Cut into generous portions & serve with justifiable pride.

Approached in this manner, life is a piece of cake.

Bryce Courtenay

Thought you might enjoy.

Take care all
Hi Peta, thats an inspiring poem. :) Karate sounded like fun - will you be joining Charlies Angels in the near future. Im just looking at the amount of members on this site as to the amount of posts - HELLO ANYONE OUT THERE!! If every member posted one message - just imagine. Your sausage dish is a major winner - so easy for a Sunday supper. Will definately be a firm family favorite from now on. Well Im off to work so have a nice day. Chat soon - Izabel