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Lets have fun

hi i'm new to this forum, I live in Lechlade Gloucestershire England and I have 3 grown up kids and 4 grandchildren, i enjoy cooking but my husband is a chef, so I'm overshadowed by his brilliance really :biggrin: got plenty of good recipes, although i don't know if anyone will answer as the date of the last post was way back in February:eek: I am researching my fathers line at the moment he is a Braithwaite from Yrokshire, i'm not doing to badly, but every now and then i get a blank wall, i have dates and stuff but it would be nice to know exactly how they lived but that's just not possible really i suppose, never mind any info is better thanm none.
Hey Dave,

Congratulations. A little grand daughter, wonderful. :kissu: I couldn't see your pics :'( prob my programs.

welcome patkite. Hope you enjoy the forums.
I have a brother-in-law who is a chef as well. I think his wife has forgotten what the kitchen looks like.
Sounds like your tree is much like mine. All dates & names but not too much personal data. My prob is confirmation. Not easy to do when I don't run a credit card. Oh well such is life!!!

Hope to see you here again.

Congrats again Dave

Cheers for now
Hi Peta,

With the problems with the site, some links - such as the photos are broken for the time being. Will be getting them back on shortly.

*************** EDIT: Back on now Peta

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I'm Becky I'm 26, mum to Lucy, married to Chris. I work in IT for the local council and in my free time I indulge in my addiction to my family tree! It's Lucy's 2nd birthday tomorrow which will be fun!
welcome Becky,

Nice to meet you. Glad your addicted like the rest of us.:biggrin:
Happy birthday to Lucy for tomorrow O0 hope you all have a lovely day.

Dave she is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I became a great aunty again 3 wks ago. They are interstate so haven't seen her personally but her proud gran is sending photos all the time.:p

Cheers Peta
Hi Guys - long time no hear. Well the strikes are keeping us busy. Im fed up now - and Brent has been deployed again so its just me at home. Ive scanned the new members and see SA has finally got a few people up there. YEAH Hope they have more luck finding their families. Peta and Dawn whats happening with you guys. Chat soon
see SA has finally got a few people up there.

Hi Izabel and others....yes a lot of us in SA have roots in UK but with the help from friends at least we are not as lost as we would be without this forums. Even in SA's own archives, we get lost very often and the local forums are very usefull.
Good luck with the "doings" to everyone, whatever you do
Hi Andre

Welcome to the Site. First stop for any south african researching their uk history is the closest Latter Day Saints. They are really helpful and have so many records and access to the census. They also order death notices for R2,50. All the death notice reference books are available by province. It is amazing how much you can connect by doing a parent search there.
Saves a lot of time and effort. Hope you manage to track down your family.

I started with our direct line to gran born in Craddock - 23 people and I have now connected to family in SA and all over the world and one day when i have a huge amount of time Im going to count them- there is hope
Thanks for the info.
I will make a plan and visit LDS in Centurion. Seems like the right thing to do. Thanks to Julie and Duckweed I have other ideas to follow as well.

Nice going on your line. I started with my grandfather and with the help of several people, I can trace my own line to the 1300's and unknown to us, my wife is also from this line, 11 generation back. The Tyson line from the UK is my own mother's.

I see a speck of light in the distance....
Hi everyone,

Good to see people still using this thread. Things have been quiet here though it is cold & wet now.
My daughter Kimberley flew out of adelaide for Singapore on Sunday :'( . It's her first trip overseas & she has gone with the school on an exchange for 10days.
I'm deluding myself she is just on a school camp & not miles & miles away where I can't get to her :D
Had a small sucess with my family searching the other day. I finally found the marriage of an Uncle who had been eluding me. I had an entry in the family bible as him marrying in 1915 I finally found the registration listed in 1918 Yeahh!! Now I just have to find all the rest.

Cheers for now
Hi Simon welcome to the forums,

I'm sure you'll soon be just as addicted to family history as the rest of us:eek:
Any queries don't hesitate to ask. There are lots of forums for you to post in, no matter what your query.

Julie, have no idea what a knockknobbler is, but the mind is boggling.
Daughter got back from Singapore the other day. Had a wonderful time, didn't think much of the humidity though.
It's the last week of the school holidays here. My other daughter is off work as well for a week . I'm hoping to get a couple of days where I can laze about & do nothing, How do you like my chances?

Well I'm off again, daughter got called into work & we're not on a transport route here.

Cheers Peta
And on a totally different note .....

I'm James, live on my own in Caithness Scotland, no descendants/family to 'pass stuff on to' so I research for (close) friends, but a thread elsewhere got me thinking (on a Sunday morning as well - ouch).

Question was asked about what we would leave behind.

I realised I'd have nothing material so it would have to be something more 'personal'. Kinda like "What would one wish to be remembered for).
Other than Family Research, I do little or nothing (disabilities), but I do enjoy trying to write and have in the past been a member of Creative Writing Groups.
So, as my 'contribution' here, may I please offer the following:

I'd want to leave these wee poems:

A brief moment in Eternity.

While walking the dog I chanced to be
Down beside the deep blue sea
And gazed across this precious land
As we lay contented on golden sand
A brief moment in Eternity.

"I am the sum of many parts"

I am the sum of many parts
Collected together since Time began.

All those genes flow from Adam and Eve
Not to forget Oor Jock Thomson and his bairns.

This is Nature's Book - The Book of Life, wherein
Our generations are its chapters.

With each generation a new Dawn comes
And just as surely night will follow day.

Are not our lives but words upon
The pages that make up The Book of Life?

Our events the punctuations in the text
We term as History.

What makes us so different
From those that went before?

And what of Evolution?
To what do we evolve?

What do we leave behind for others
When our Day has become Night?

More genes, words on a page?
What else?


Oh Tree of Life so tall and strong
With roots sunk deep in history,
Each limb a mark of Man's endeavour
And leaves the sign of growth.
In reaching up towards the sky
It shows the path to destiny.
Bending with each wind of change
Ravaged by the storms of time.
Its needs seem so few
While it offers so much.
(May I be your Tree of Life?)

Oh Tree of Life so safe and sound
A haven for so many,
Giving solace to weary souls
Who rest beneath your boughs,
As breezes rustle through your leaves
Making music pleasant to the ears.
(May I be your Tree of Life?)

From such a small and precious seed
You grow through Nature's care,
Past Man's allotted span of years
Upright, steadfast and true.
(May I be your Tree of Life?)


Teardrops fall onto dry skin –
Many have gone before.
Their meeting –
A fleeting
Part of history.
Raindrops fall onto dry bed rock –
Others have gone before.
Their meeting –
A fleeting
Part of history.

Dewdrops fall onto dry brown grass –
Like those that fell before.
Their meeting –
A fleeting
Part of history.

Each journey begins with that single drop –
A journey that never ends.
Rain that rolls down dry slopes –
Flows in a lemming rush –
Who’ve done it all before.

Ahead and beyond,
Across and around,
Drop becomes pool,
Pool becomes stream,
Stream becomes river,
River becomes sea,
Sea becomes cloud –
Which falls as drops.


If it suits our mood
Haiku makes creative thoughts
Seasoning the mind.

(All writ by my fair PC:biggrin:)

Spiritually, I'd want to leave behind the feeling of pride that I have when I think of my Scottish and Canadian ancestry.


What a good idea, well i am 56 married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren, i am a Operations assistant for a convention bureau, I like listening to music (jazz, Irish Folk, are my favorite). like holidays just come back from Weymouth having spent a week with children, grandchildren husband and daughter and son in law.
Off to Dublin(always there ) in October, love going to the pub,restaurants,love watching "Most Haunted" any thing frightening,"Who do you think you are"(by the way coming back on this w:eek: and old black and white films, musicals and anything to do with antiques. :2fun: