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Lets hope these heroes find their Familys.

I know it helps with family history but...... I think maybe after 93yrs they should be allowed to rest. Yes they gave their all, and perhaps this should be recognised in a memorial for them where they fell, rather than now disturbing their bones. :)
Fair enough Pejay...but if it was my Grandad or great uncle i would rather he was buried with dignity and not just dumped together in a mass grave...but its a fragile subject so best left alone.
This is a very difficult and a highly emotive situation.
They are 'found' and that is most important, how they are remembered is just as significant.
This will be very emotional for all concerned.
They way in which they were buried should not be the issue, considering the circumstances at the time.
As far a family research, this does not get on the list.
But as for what happens to these heroes, it is a matter for the families involved that should be foremost.
I am sure we all agree that they are treated with the utmost respect, and are given the recognition that they fully deserve. And I am sure that will be the case.

At the setting of the sun, we will remember.

I am all for them being moved to a proper and better grave. I hope they do that with more soldiers in mass graves.