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Lieutenant Charles Rose R.N

Hi there

Wondering if this is possible?
There was a Lieutenant Charles Rose R.N who drowned on the Annie Jane, I have his marriage in 1817 aged 30 to Miriam and the 4 children born in England, then I have him in 1852 another two kids born in Canada in the 1852 census and he claims to be 59 hmmm Its not only women who lie about their age.

What's puzzling is the obituary " Lieut Charles Rose entered the navy in 1800 on board the Pompee 74 in which he fought at Algesiras and assisted at the blockade of Cadiz. He served for 13 years on full pay, but not since he became Lieutenant in 1815 "
If that's right he joined the navy at 13 is that possible?
And does that mean he left the Navy in 1815?


Ps He puts his occupation down as farmer in the 1852 census, that seems odd to me, if he was a ships Captain at that time.
Hi Allan,

Yes, it is possible to be in the RN at that age.

One in my tree - Stephen Perdriau born 1768 St Kitts.

Variation: Perdrian - Huguenot descent
Joined Royal Navy on 12 Aug 1780 as Captain's servant on HMS 'Venus' in WI Squadron of Admiral Sir George Brydges Rodney (a family friend). Served on HMS 'Boreas' and then HMS 'Endymion'.
Later on 2 May 1785 was Horatio Nelson's servant during one tour of duty Nelson had in the West Indies on HMS 'Boreas'.
Later to become Commander (Cdr) - no record of him serving in Battle of Trafalgar.

In "The Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal Navy 1660 to 1815" Vol 3
Perdrieau, Stephen
L 20th Dec 1796 [L= Lieutenant]

Naval History site - HERE

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