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Ling, Jonathan Henry birth details

Belmont North
Hi, I am just new to site and I am hoping someone can please help me find birth details on my Great-Great Grandfather, Jonathan Henry Ling. I think he was born around 1836 in Middlesex. Died 30 Nov 1908 in Unanderra, NSW, Australia, aged 72. Married Fanny Stokes in Echuca Victoria, 21 July 1875, had ten children in Australia. Parents possibly either Francis or John Ling and Mary Anne Bowen, but cannot confirm this for sure. I cannot find any record of Jonathan's birth or siblings birth's. Also cannot find any definite details on migrating to Australia. A couple of possibles, but not able to confirm anything. This is all the information I have been able to find so far.

If anyone has any information on my GGF, it woud be most appreciated. I would love to get past this road block and trace the Ling family back further.

Kelly Bartley:)
Is this his death

16032/1908 LING JONATHAN H Father, FRANCIS Mother MARY, District, WOLLONGONG

You can purchase the above certificate if you feel it would confirm his parents.

Hello & welcome to the site. on ancestry there is a Ling family tree that gives his parents as John Francis Ling & Mary Bowen.Date of death30/11/1908 age 72 at Unanderra NSW Australia, and burial at Methodist cemetery Wollongong NSW. Hope this helps :)
Hi, thank you both for replying.

In response to Gedcom, I have got the death certificate already and this is where I got the name Francis from. It really gives up no information, other than that he was born in Middlesex. I am assuming that his father was Francis John or John Francis (or just John or Francis).

In reply to Pejay, thanks for looking, but the ancestry tree you are referring to is my tree. I have Jonathans father listed as John Francis and Francis John hoping to pick up a hint on either name, but no luck so far.

Is there a website or place that I can contact to find out details of his birth? I feel if I can find this, I will be able to go back further. Unfortunately, as I am in Australia, it is hard for me to research anything in UK unless it is on the net.

Thank you both for taking the time to look for me. It is much appreciated.

Hi Kelly

Cannot see anything that jumps out at me immediately. I found a Jonathon Ling on the 1841 census.

St George in the East. St Paul.

Martha Street

Mary Ling 50
Maryann Ling 20
Robert Ling 21
John Ling 15
Jonathan Ling 10

Also this marriage on Pallots - Just thinking about the Bowen name and wondered if the name Ling had become corrupted from Long. This marriage does not tie in with above census though.

Mary Bowen
Spouse: John Long
Marriage Date: 1834
Parish: St. Bride

Thanks Gedcom, the Long / Ling thing is a dilemma. I had seen the pallots index, but havent been able to find anything else on John Long so far, so I can't be sure its our John Ling. I think I really need to find Jonathan's birth details, but he is oh so difficult to find - I will just keep searching sites.

I will check out the sites you mentioned Pejay. Hopefully this will lead to a breakthrough.

Thank you both so much for your help. It is much appreciated.