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Lingfield West Bromwich

In the 1841 census i have a relative living at Lyng Road.Lingfield.West Bromwich.I am having no luck finding Lingfield.is this wrong and could be something else.What county would they be in today.Anyone know.Thank You.Cumbrian

I dont England very well at all but when i googled Lingfield i found it to be in Surrey. Hope this is right or helps in some way

Hello there gibbo,the Lingfield in Surrey is the wrong one.The family i am looking for came from the Warwickshire,Staffordshire area.I was wondering if it might be Lichfield,which would be in the right area.Where was West Bromwich in 1841.I will have to keep looking.Cheers Cumbrian
gibbo thanks for this link to Genuki.This is the West Bromwich i am after it mentions Lyng .Lyng Lane also Lyngfield,so Lingfield is spelt wrong,shows how easy you can be thrown of track.Thanks Again.Cumbrian