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Linville Ceffers Stacey 1878 Family

I have been trying to locate the ancestors to Linville Ceffers Stacey 29 Mar 1878 -21 May 1952. I have a 1898 petty larceny reformatory record in Southern Indiana that states his deceased parents names are Jno and Mary and sister Mary Buchanan. The US 1910, 1920, 1930 census state he was born in England (as where his parents), and he was naturalized in 1888. His birthplace is changed to Kentucky for the 1940 census, 1942 WW2 Draft Card and his 1952 death certificate. I have tried locating the parents and sister. I would assume the sister to be older with her last name Buchanan. Lynn was 17 when incarcerated and listed as in fair condition and had a 4th grade education at the time and working as a shoemaker. I am sure he was barely surviving, he was a very big man by today's standard's almost 7 foot tall. Later there were rumors in the family that he was a rum runner for Al Capone during prohibition from Chicago to Indianapolis. I have yet to prove anything other than farming. I appreciate any help in advance!