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Little death


hello - trying to find death for Robert Little.

robert was born 1851 in carlisle cumberland but by 1888 was residing in newcastle upon tyne.

he registered the birth of his last child in July 1888 but by the 1891 census his wife is widowed. i cannot find a death for this time period.

can anyone shed any light or suggest another approach?

I've checked the Register of Deaths for him but he's definitely not there. Is it possible that he had left his wife and she was calling herself a widow to avoid any shame? Or perhaps they had divorced?
Hi Basil
Having looked through the records I have come across the following, and I did note what you said BUT

1888 Jan-Mar Robert Little. 34. Carlisle 10b 314

The others were from Greenwich,Cockermouth,Carlisle ( age 2 ).Hendon, Wigton and Hexham. I have written down the names and ref nos..

Not knowing how old he was or anything else is this any good

thanks guys.

the 1888 death seemed so right but the dates dont tie in so i have had to discount it. The others just dont tie into anything i have - but that isnt very much!

the divorce theory is of course possible. of just basic abandonment. but i cannot find him on the 1891 census so its all a bit of a mystery.

Deaths are hard to trace ... bit of a gamble with so little info.

i will keep digging but thanks for your time and input. sometimes its just good to get another set of eyes incase i'm missing something blindingly obvious!