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Living descendants!


Hi All,

Can anyone help me out with any web-site that might help me contact living descendants for my family lines please?

I have finally found a living descendant from my Gaunt line, but it's taken me 2 years and yes I know that's probably not that long in the scheme of things, but when these are elderly people it could be too long. This is an older lady and I have some photos of her Grandad, my Grandma's brother, who was killed in France in WW1,he was killed before she was born. His chidren were only young when he died at 32. I have finally traced someone on a web-site, who put me in touch with his sister-in-law, who knew a living descendant of my Dad's Uncle and she has kindly offered to be a go between (the lady doesn't have computer access). I found out yesterday, there had been a fire at her Mother's house many years ago and all the old photos had been destroyed!

I will be able to share such a lot with her and I'm lucky to find her, but how many of my relatives will it be too late to reach, at this snail's pace of finding them. I'm so lucky that my Great Aunt's Grandparents and even my Mother have been 'horders', or I should say such great custodians of family memorabilia. Many people I know have no old photos at all!

All help gratefully recieved on this!