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Marriages Jun 1865
Llewellyn Arthur Carnarvon 11b 885
Hayden Sarah Hannah Carnarvon 11b 885

Births Dec 1884
Llewellyn Harry Hayden Lambeth 1d 484

I'd like a look up please for the family in 1871, 1891 and 1901.

As early as December 1905 a twenty one year old Harry is pictured at the ruins of a temple in Japan or China formally dressed in bowler hat and overcoat.


Hi Dave,
Found so far:


LLEWELLYN, Arthur Head Married 54 1st Class Officer Inland Revenue
Dilwyn Herefordshire
LLEWELLYN, Sarah H Wife Married 48 Carnarvon Carnarvonshire
LLEWELLYN, Edith Daughter Single 23 Ireland
LLEWELLYN, Nora H Daughter 18 Snape Stands Suffolk
LLEWELLYN, Lottie H Daughter 16 Snape Stands Suffolk
LLEWELLYN, Louisa H Daughter 15 Snape Stands Suffolk
LLEWELLYN, Josephine H Daughter 13 Snape Stands Suffolk
LLEWELLYN, Sarah H Daughter 11 Snape Stands Suffolk
LLEWELLYN, Arthur A Son 10 Handsworth Worcestershire
LLEWELLYN, Harry H Son 6 Lambeth London
LLEWELLYN, Vivian Son 3 Lambeth London
MAUGHAM, Elizabeth J Visitor Widow 56 1835 Living On Own Means
Lanark Scotland

Piece:405 Folio:56 Page:40 Registration District:Lambeth
Civil Parish:Lambeth Municipal Borough:Brixton
22, St Michaels Road, Lambeth, Brixton County:London


LLEWELLYN, Arthur Head Married 64 Retired Civil Servant Inland Rvne
Dilwyn Herefordshire
LLEWELLYN, Sarah H Married 58 1843 Carnarvon Carnarvonshire
LLEWELLYN, Lottie Daughter Single 26 Snape Suffolk
RUSSELL, Louisa Daughter Married 25 Snape Suffolk
LLEWELLYN, Sarah Daughter Single 21 Snape Suffolk
LLEWELLYN, Arthur Son Single 20 Bank Clerk Birmingham Warwickshire
LLEWELLYN, Harry Son 16 Clerk Clapham London
LLEWELLYN, Vivian Son 13 Clapham London
Piece:435 Folio:36 Page:9 Registration District: Lambeth Civil Parish: Lambeth Municipal Borough:
Address:171, Norwood Road, Lambeth County:London
Here's 1871

LLEWELLYN, Arthur Head 34 Herefordshire
LLEWELLYN, Sarah H Wife 28 Caernarvonshire
LLEWELLYN, Edith Daughter 3 Ireland
LLEWELLYN, Philp Son 1 Ireland
Piece:1765 Folio:29 Page:22 Registration District:plomesgate
Civil Parish:Snape Address:Snape Street, Snape County:Suffolk
Didn't locate him Dave - he might still have been at the temple :eek: :biggrin:

Here's his family:
LLEWELLYN, Sarah Head Widow 68 Wales Carnarvon
LLEWELLYN, Lottie Daughter Single 34 Suffolk Snape
LLEWELLYN, Josephine Daughter Single 32 Suffolk Snape
LLEWELLYN, Arthur Son Single 30 Bank Clerk Warwickshire Birmingham
LLEWELLYN, Vivian Son Single 23 Insurance Clerk London Brixton
RG number:RG14 Piece:2108 Reference:
RG14PN2108 RG78PN73 RD25 SD5 ED9 SN35
Registration District:Lambeth Sub District:Norwood Enumeration District:9 Parish:Lambeth
Address:23 Josephine Avenue Waber Lane S W County:London