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Local E-Cycle


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A local community have a e-cycle page on Facebook. I really love that site, so many good things on it. Some locals started it of so that if you have something you dont want and dont want to sell it you can post it on e-cycle and its drawn on a particular date with the names of the people who stated they are interested in that item. If you "win" that item you then post up something you dont want and so on. I have near furnished my little home from it. tv cabinet, lounge, hall stand and so on. Granted as people dont want the item it usually needs a little work. My hall stand cost us $1.80 for some screws to repair and the paint we already had. The lounge needed a good clean so $8 for a tin of cleaner and some elbow grease and its terrific. All my plants come the site as well. Anything from a coffee mug to furniture. As they say one mans rubbish is another mans treasure. I have gotten lots of treasure and loved seeing some pieces come back to life.

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