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local militia/territorial force/territorial army

jon attwood

Active member
One of my ancestors was involved in a local militia, so I have been looking for information on the history of the various local militia forces with very little success. Much of the published information seems to contradict that published elsewhere.

One source has said that service in the militia was compulsory in 1757, and each county filled its quota by ballot, proper millitary training was given. By 1852 it had become a voluntary service, and in 1908 it changed its name to the territorial force, which became the territorial army in 1921.

Can anyone shed any more light on this? I may have got some dates wrong or missed out some important information, perhaps there is a website which explains the histories of the various local militias? was it known by any other names before it became the territorial force?, and most importantly....did they keep records which are available to view today?


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