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Local Newspapers


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On another thread there was talk of searching newspapers and I have noticed that there are not many local newspapers on line.

The reason I am interested is that I have a story from 2 separate people, about my grandfather and some mischief he got upto with a chap suposedly called bradley whose family run a store in Edmonton (London) called Bradleys Furnishers. The story goes that grandfather was given the option of going into the forces instead of some other punishment.
It was not as far as I can research an Old Bailey case as I have searched them.
I know no more than that above no dates, he married grandmother in 1909 on which he is reputedly a stoker, Royal Navy and this could be the forces mentioned.

All in all a pot mess which along with grandmothers apparent worry that she may not be a Walton( she thought he could have changed his name) means I would like to clear it up one way or another.
So far I just cannot think where to look next for information, I am even having trouble tracking the store down, the 1901 census doesnt even list a 273 Fore street edmonton so I assume it wasnt built then.
It has long since closed so no joy there then.
Please excuse my ramblings just hoping for inspiration etc.


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