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Locating a birth certificate Problem

Sunny Middlesbrough
Good evening,

As the title says I am having difficulty locating a birth record for Cyril George Andrews born 26th September 1914 in London, and passed away 27/09/1997 in Lambeth.

I have ordered both birth record from find my past, neither of which display the correct date.

I have the death record but there is no further information on there. No family is known.

I was just wondering if there was anything else anyone would try ?
Was the certificate you sent for the one for Cyril G Andrews registered Tendring, Essex. That is the only one which would appear to fit your criteria.

Do you know what his mother's maiden name was as this will help to pinpoint the birth.

Just had a thought. Are you taking his birth date from the information given on the death certificate? Do remember that the information given on a Death certificate is only as good as the knowledge of the person giving it eg the person registering the death may have thought he was giving the correct birth date, month and year but they may have been wrong. It's not unknown for birth dates on death certs to be a few years out.

The 1939 register does have a Cyril G Andrews with the birth date 26 Sept 1914 so it seems likely that whoever registered the death gave the correct birthdate.
In 1939 he is single, a storeman in the NAFFI, living in Basingstoke with an Edith Marton (or Martin), widow, born 1897. Don't know whether she is a relative or whether he is just lodging there.

I have had a good look at this and it does seem that the birth in Tendring should be the correct one. (s.o. Ted Andrews & Violet G Death who married 1911. Ted died 1916 and Violet remarried Harold A Faiers 1919) What date does it give on the birth cert? You have 6 weeks to register a birth so if someone is born on 26 Sept you have till 7 Nov to register it. If you hadn't done it by then maybe you would say the birth was later to avoid any bother?

PS, I hope you didn't pay more than £9.25 each for the certificates, that is the cost direct from the GRO
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Is there a home address on the death certificate in 1997? it may be possible to find him on the electoral register and if he has a wife with him their marriage would give his father's name which may help.

PS, how do you know he was born in London, do you know some family background?