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Location of inmate records for Holloway Prison in 1901

I am trying to identify why a relative was listed as an "inmate" in Holloway prison in the 1901 census. Her name was Isabelle Dearing. Her daughter Dorothy aged 3 months was also listed. I do know that the entire family was split up as a consequence. She is listed as a widow although she was only married in 1887. Her son John Wilfred Dearing (b1890) is in St Joseph's home in London and her daughter Kathleen Dearing (b1888) has been adopted by a a family in Hampshire. Does anyone know how I might get hold of prison records for Holloway or could help in this investigation?

PS The family name was (correctly) given as Deering in the !891 census. I do not know wht it was changed for the 1901 census.
Here is the response I got from my post;

You can get hold of this information, as the majority of Prison Records are held at The National Archives in Kew Gardens, London. Unfortunatly, they are not available online. However, they are free to view at Kew. The link below might be of help.


Also, if they was tried at The Old Bailey, the court case will be online in 2008 at: http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/

You may also found the following website useful: http://www.lightage.demon.co.uk/index.htm

Hope this helps

weird, I just searched for Prison Records on Google and found this site! Annoyingly the response is from myself what I posted on Ancestry!!!