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look up 1881 census please

could someone help me this please:

John White Shoemaker Woolwich

RG11 338 67 Page 14

I have the transcript but not the original and if was wondering if the youngest children Edward aged 13 and Ellen aged 4 are possibly the grandchildren as the couple seem a bit old to be the parents and I thought maybe it might be a mistake.
Thank you

WHITE, John Head M 60 1811 Middlesex
WHITE, Sarah Wife F 50 1821 Middlesex
WHITE, Louisa Daughter F 14 1857 Middlesex
WHITE, Edward Son M 4 1867 Middlesex
BEATTIE, Thomas Son-In-Law M 17 1854 Middlesex

RG number:RG10 Piece:342 Folio:31 Page:55

Registration District:St Giles
Sub District:St Giles, South
Enumeration District:1

Civil Parish:St Giles Municipal Borough:
Address:Earl St, Great, St Giles London, Middlesex

On 1881 census it says Louisa is married, but she still has the White name!!

Hi :)
1881 is as you have posted.
Edward could have been a late baby??
Perhaps Ellen 4 is the dghtr of Louisa who is listed as married, but no married surname..

WHITE, John Head Widower M 57 1804 Shoemaker Woolwich Kent
WHITE, William Son Unmarried M 20 1841 Printer London Middlesex
WHITE, Thomas Son M 14 1847 Printer London Middlesex
WHITE, Louisa Daughter F 4 1857 Scholar London Middlesex

RG number:RG09 Piece:169 Folio:132 Page:37

Registration District:St Giles
Sub District:2 St Giles South
Enumeration District:7
Ecclesiastical Parish:London

Civil Parish:St Giles Municipal Borough:
Address:3 And 4, Coal Yard, St Giles, London London, Middlesex

Here's one answer, Ellen was Louisa's child

SMITHERS, William T Head Married M 33 1858 Gas Fitter Plumstead Kent
SMITHERS, Louisa Wife Married F 33 1858 St Giles London
SMITHERS, Eleanor E Daughter Single F 14 1877 St Giles London
SMITHERS, Henry T Son M 7 1884 Scholar Eastbourne
SMITHERS, Albert E Son M 6 1885 Scholar Eastbourne
SMITHERS, Alfred J Son M 5 1886 Scholar St Pancras London
SMITHERS, Edwin P Son M 3 1888 Holborn London
WHITE, Sarah Mother Widow F 69 1822 Living On Own Means Lambeth London

RG number:RG12 Piece:1354 Folio:77 Page:23

Registration District:West Ham
Sub District:Walthamstow
Enumeration District:9
Ecclesiastical Parish:St Saviour

Civil Parish:Walthamstow Municipal Borough:
Address:53, King Street, Walthamstow Essex

Thank you all for your information and time.Will now sit down and see if I can fit this all altogether thanks to you I now have a few possibilties.