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look-up needed


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If anyone has access to worcs .births and marriage certs could they help with the following.

Catherine ( also known as Caroline ) Morton. b. Bromsgrove 1831.

James Morton m .Mary Ann Vernon ,Worcester 1824.

James Morton m. Ann Bishop ,Kidderminster , 1839.

It's getting a bit expensive to send for multiple certs ( especially if they're the wrong ones ! )Any help would be appreciated.



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Melton Mowbray
Hi Pat,
have you thought of joining the Family History Society? The relevant one would be the Birmingham and Midland Society: http://www.bmsgh.org/
They offer the following:
Search Services

Depending on your interests and needs you may also be able to make use of

Link Service (Voluntary Exchange)

This is a service which depends entirely upon the voluntary efforts of members who undertake to carry out simple research at record offices local to them in exchange for similar research being undertaken on their behalf at another record office. The exchange does not have to be direct. It is not unusual for A to research for B who researches for C who researches for A, and so on. Many overseas members have received help through this service.

Marriage and Burial and Other Indexes (Low cost service - Members Discount 20%)

We maintain and continue to build Marriage and Burial Indexes (pre-1837) for Birmingham, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. (Birmingham is treated separately from Warwickshire in this context simply because it is so large). We have a variety of other specialist indexes, which are listed in the Members Handbook.

Privately Owned Indexes relating to our area of interest are listed in the Members Handbook.

Members Lending and Reference Libraries are based in the Birmingham and Midland Institute, Margaret Street, Birmingham (close to the excellent reference collections in the Birmingham Central Library). The Lending Library is open for borrowing before each of our monthly meetings held at the BMI, or UK members may borrow books and journals by post. The Reference Library is open on most week days, but as its operation depends on the availability of volunteer librarians members should phone the Reference Librarian (see Members Handbook) to check that it will be open before travelling long distances.

Organised Visits. If living in or visiting our area you may also be able to take part in one of our outings to the Family Records Centre or the Public Record Office. Contact the Outings Secretary to make enquiries and/or to book tickets.

It costs £14.50 a year, but if it helps you to get to the right people without ordering multiple certificates, it would be money well spent!

madison, New York
I have also found by putting in the reference information that they will not send you ones that the information does not match, like having the parents names for the certificates of birth, even if you don't have the exact date, also I have noticed that sometime the census will get to close so when you try ordering you have the approximate year and area

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