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look up on ancestry

Hi Peewee

I need to check information on an earlier census for Mary Anne Evans and who married a Timothy Lovell, possible place of residence would probably be in Denbigh, North Wales. It is thought that Timothy had a brother called Noah and that the father was named Nathanial (sorry can't spell that). The only census that has been checked is the 1901, however some other details i have obtained don't make sense or are a bit unreadable, eg year of marriage.

My relative thinks that the year of marriage is 1889, if this was so then their son Charles would of been born out of wedlock as he had lived in NZ for 31 years at his death, aged 47yrs, in 1926.

Timothy was 31yrs at his marriage as was Mary Anne Evans Possible father for Mary Evans is Seth or John Evans........can't read it......

On the death cert for their son Charles in 1926 in New Zealand it states that the mother is Maud Lovell, nee Evans!

Now i have probably confused you never mind me.............sorry

Found the following on the marriage index for 1889:-

Timothy Lovell year 1889 dist St. Aspah Denbig, vol 11b page 427 aslo listed is a Mary Anne Evans.

Hi Julie:)

That must be the one i can a written copy of, many thanks, now i just need to make sense of the son........according to my calculations he would of been born 10yrs before they married....hummm.......not sure how often that happened, unless he was a child of a previous marriage and took his step fathers name.......gee now you have me thinking.redf)

Many thanks Julie

Hi! Thank you so much for your offer of help. I don't know what years you research,but i'll try. I am trying to find a marriage date for John Stow,born Ipswich 1778. Jane Bannister, born Lancashire 1798. John had a first wife, Sophia Euwins in 1798.She died 1837,if they where divorced or not I don't know.John and Jane had the following children-
Caroline Stow b 1819 ---Margaret Bannister Stow b 1823----Jane Stowb1825-----Joseph Bannister Stow{my g-g-grandfather}b 1831 ----Charles Stow b 1828---Eliza Mary Bolton Stow b1833----Ann Elizabeth Stow b 1837. they were all born in Margate Kent,I found them in the 1841 census.Jane Bannister was named as Jane Stow, so they must have been married. When?
John's occupation was a Bookbinder. Hope you can help, thanks. Christine.

Julie did a marriage look up for Timothy Lovell and Mary Anne Evans for me, with very good news, i was now wondering if someone could also look up these same people , especially Timothy Lovell for the census of 1871 and 1881. His father is we thingk nathaniel and he might of had a brother called Noah. They all lived in the Denbeighshire area.

many thanks for any help given.

Found the following on the Welsh 1881 census:-

Civil parish Llansabtffraid Glan Conway.
Street adress:- Bryn Rhys Hamlet

Household members:-

John Hughes age 74 occ hawker/pedlar born Holywell, Flintshire
Charme? Hughes age 61 hawker/pedlar born Newry Ireland
Noah Lovell age 20 visitor/son in law occ basket worker born St. Aspah, Flintshire
Mary Lovell age visitor/step daughter occ basket work born Wolverhampton England
Jilly Rose Lovell age 2 born Llansantffraid, Denbig.

Hi Smee,

No luck in finding Timothy Lovell, but found the following:-

1901 census Wales-Civil Parish Llanbeblig, county Carnarvonshire.

64 Mountain Street.

Dolphus Lovell age 40 born Rhyl, Flintshire
Nathaniel Lovell age 100 born Worcester, England
Robert Lovell age 18 born Caernarvonshire
Sarah Lovell age 80 born Gloucestershire, England

44 Mountain Street.

Edward Lovell a 2 born Caernarvonshire
Louisa Lovell age 19 " "
Mary Lovell age 39 born Wolverhampton
Nathaniel Lovell age 17 born Caernarvonshire
Noah Lovell age 39 born Rhyl, Flintshire
Victor Lovell age 6 born Caernarvonshire
William A. Lovell age " "

Hi Julie

Many thanks once again for the information, Timothy is obviously a mystery, I forgot to mention that the son of Timothy and Mary Anne is Charles Lovell, according to his age he would of been born in 1879.

Now i am been a right pain:rolleyes: , can i ask you to do a look up for Charles. Thanks Julie.

Sorry Julie

Just found more information..........laugh

Nathaniel Lovell was born about 1833, he died aged 78 in 1901 in carnovonshire (writing not very legiable) It was his son Timothy who married Mary Anne Evans in 1889....we think.....Tims & Marys sons birth is recorded as Shewsbury on his marriage cert.

Sorry about that , hoping i now have given you all information that i have right now. However i still don't think these certificates make sense.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi Smee, found Timothy and Margaret along with Charles. Ancestry can be a bit tempermental sometimes. If this is your Timothy I found a Timothy on the 1871 census age 13, servant but when I went back to have another look the info would'nt come up.

1891 census Wales

civil parish St. Aspah, Flintshire

Charles Lovell age 13 born Caernarvonshire
Margaret Lovell age 30 born Shropshire
Timothy Lovell age 35 born Tremeirchion, Flintshire

Just realised wifes name if Mary and not Margaret, definately says Margaret on the census. Will have another search.

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hi clanger
could i ask you kindly to do a look up for me please im look for the following people my fatherside of the family .

william (bill) ritson d.o.b abt 1920`s he died in the 1980`s in colchester ,essex that much i do know ! from what i have been told he was born in bedlington although i have no proff at the moment but he married hetty wilson in colchester essex they had two children william(bill) ritson d.o.b 19th july 1942 (my dad)son of the above they had another son robert (bob).he died in the 1960`s of a brain tumor .well a shot in the dark i know but any help and info i would be very very greatful of.
kind thanks grainne
hi clanger,

looking for james morton born 1811 and his wife ann born 1821. ann was born in bromsgrove, worcs. the only info on james is that either he or his father were born in scotland. They are both on the 1841 census living in wolverhampton and ann is on the 1871 census still living there.

I am trying to find out where james was actually born and am hoping that this info may be on the 1851 or 1861 census'. which I can't afford to access.

any help greatly appreciated.,

Hi Pat,

Found this family on the 1861 census couldnt find them on the 1851

civil pariah Wolverhampton

Alfred Morton son age 7 born Wolverhampton
Ann Morton wife age 42 born Bromsgrove
Charles Morton son age 19 born Wolverhampton
E-bert Morton son age 9 born Wolverhampton
George Morton son age 12 born Wolverhampton
James Morton head age 55 born London Middx
Sarah A Morton dau age 14 born Wolverhampton

Yes, that would be a great help: I am looking for an Ann Lean born abt 1804, maybe in Gwennap, whose daughter was Jemima.
Ann's maiden name may have been Warne or Lean, but her daughter Jemima went by the name of Lean and married William Pengelly in Truro in December 1855 when she (Jemima) was about 25. Jemima was christened in Gwennap. The 1861 census lists an Ann Lean having died in 1878 in Truro but I can't get details and I don't know who her parents were. Jemima's father is shown as the Joseph Lean family and no parents are given for Ann.
Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated.
hi, julie,
A big thank you, this is the family that I am looking for. James Morton's father must have been the one born in Scotland. I will now take it from here and see what else I can find out. I think that james was married twice as there are three older children on the 1841 c. Ann was too young to be their mother. caroline, b 1831, mareyann b. 1833 and james b. 1835, his mother was maria. The only Caroline that I can find was born in Woolwich barracks, R.A., no info. on mareyann. If anyone comes across them in their searches I would be gratefull of any help. i can't f ind any record of either of James marriages,

Once again, many thanks. Pat.
Hi Pat,

Found your family on the 1851 under the spelling of Moreton as follows:

civil parish Wolverhampton-address Little Vauxhall

Ann Moreton wife age 32 born Bromsgrove
Charles Moreton son age 7 born Wolverhampton
George Moreton son age 2 born " "
James Moreton head age 44 born Chelsea Middx
James Moreton son age 15 born Wolverhampton
John Moreton son age 10 born " "
Mary A Moreton dau age 18 born Bromsgrove
Sarah A Moreton dau age 4 born " "

IGI index:-

Christening Mary Ann Moreton 25-8-1833 Bromsgrove parents James Moreton and Maria

Batch no Po2o915 Source call no 0321129

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Hi Helen,

1841 census-civil parish Gwennap with St. Day

Ann Lean age 38
Eliz Lean age 15
Jemima Lean age 13
John Lean age 12
Mary Lean age 8

1851 census

Ann Lean age 58 head widow born Gwennap

1861 census

Ann Lean age 58 head widow occ horses born Gwennap

See Ann hasnt aged in 10yrs could be a mistake, but there are 2 Ann Leans on the 1841 census in the civil parish of Gwennap with St. Day.

christening IGI

Ann Lean christened 20-4-1806 Gwennap father Anthony Lean mother Elizabeth Chegwedden. Record submitted by a LDS member, treat with caution as submitted info is not always correct.