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look up on ancestry

Thanks a lot, that's terrific. I had some of the data but not the 1851 and 1861 censuses. In the civil census 1841, she was cited as a widow aged 38, complete with family as you show. So the mistake in age seems to have begun on the 1851 census.
I've got the Leans reasonably well sorted out now and as you say there are mistakes on some submissions.
If I could be so bold as to ask your assistance with another brick wall: I am looking for the parents of an Edmund Friend. Edmund was born in 1785 and died in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire in 1819. He fathered several children, among them Jonathan Friend. Edmund's wife is cited as Elizabeth or Eliza, but I have reason to think her maiden name might have been Charlote Hopkin. I can find nothing at all on Edmund other than a mention on the Cambridgeshire burial index, and as the father of children on the Cambridgeshire birth index. Anything you can find on Edmund Friend and/or Charlote Hopkin would be that much more than I have now.
Cheers and Regards,
Hi Pat,

Found your family on the 1851 under the spelling of Moreton as follows:

civil parish Wolverhampton-address Little Vauxhall

Ann Moreton wife age 32 born Bromsgrove
Charles Moreton son age 7 born Wolverhampton
George Moreton son age 2 born " "
James Moreton head age 44 born Chelsea Middx
James Moreton son age 15 born Wolverhampton
John Moreton son age 10 born " "
Mary A Moreton dau age 18 born Bromsgrove
Sarah A Moreton dau age 4 born " "

IGI index:-

Christening Mary Ann Moreton 25-8-1833 Bromsgrove parents James Moreton and Maria

Batch no Po2o915 Source call no 0321129


hi, julie,

many thanks again for your time., this is the right family, George morton b. 1849 was my g.grandfather and he was born in the Vauxhalls, w,ton. which ties in with the census. I did find the marraige in Kiddy, there was also another james morton to mary ann moore in 1839. I presume that the only thing to do is send for the marriage certs. I looked on the lds site but never found mary anns birth. if james was born in Chelsea perhaps he was in the army and it's his caroline that was born in woolwich barracks.

this branch of the family is taking up all my time, my late mother was always told that the morton's originated in scotland and I was determined to find out if it was true, but I am having to go a long way back to prove it. I will let you know if I have any success.

thanks again, pat.
Cpould anybody be kind enough to look any of this info up for me pls..

Robert schofield b. c1885 - 1894 around oldham/lancs
poss married a lady called annie
had a son charles henry b.8 apr 1912 d.4 mar 1979
May also of had a daughter who died young.

Hilda Pickfield b. c 1920 poss in yorkshire and later married William Harrop in Manchester.

Thanks in advance
Hi Clanger.
Could you please look up for me the following:
Frederick George Neil B1893 m 1916 to Elizabeth Maria Chatterson B1892 Maldon, Essex.
I would like to find information on Frederick's parents as well as his children.
Many thanks
Hi Clanger.
Could you please see if you can find anything on:

Andrew Clyde, originated from Scotland, not sure which part.

Did tour duty in India, and then on way back home, stopped at Cape Town in South Africa and travelled, for some unknown reason, up the coast to Port Elizabeth (also in South Africa) where he met and married a lady by the name of Sarah. Her surname could have been Sims or Webster.

They had 3 daughters, Josephine, Mary and Cecilia. According to Josephines daughter, Sarah died in about 1891/2 when youngest daughter was about 2/3years old.

Please help if you can.

Hi Jack,

You will need to give more info. If Andrew and Sarah married in South Africia then you will need to get their marriage cert through the South African records. There are a few Andrew Clydes in Scotland so not knowing his age, where born or his parents names is like looking for a needle in a haystack., so once you have aquired the marriage cert it will give you more to go on.

Hi Daz,

Found the following:-

birth 1912 April 1/4 Charles H Schofield dist Ashton vol 8d page 1067 mothers maiden name Moores

Marriage 1911 Sept 1/4 dist Ashton under Lyne vol 8d page 967
Elizabeth Moores a Robert Schofield is also listed.


Just checking on Hilda's maiden name. Havnt come across the surname Pickfield, could it be Pickford, as have found 2 Hilda Pickfords so far 1 born Stockport 1920, the other Salford 1921, but bearing in mind have only got up to the end of 1922.

Hi Julie,

Hopefully have found a few of Darren's ancestors. Am pretty sure the name you were querying was Pitfield not Pickfield, as everything seems to tie up. Have answered on other postings, ie where do I start and do I exist.

Between us we should be able to help a bit.

Kind regards
Beccy :)
Hi Becci,

I've had a look on your other posting, could have saved myself sometime,
will teach me to be more careful. Theres quite a few of Darrens so fingers crossed.

Hi there Julie.

I don't know which website to try in South Africa. I have tried NAAIRS and there was nothing. I have posted in forums and so far, no replies. I have tried e-family.co.za another south african website, but also, no luck. Do you have any idea of any websites I could try?
Many thanks.

Please could you look up the following:

Sara Jane Webster Born unknown. She married a Mr Sills and then emigrated to south africa where she married in 1879 to a John Clyde.
I can't find any information on her in south africa, besides a baptism after her marriage to John on 11 April 1883.

I know she had a daughter with Mr Sills, but other han that I have nothing else.

Please can the following be looked up:

Mary Ann Taylor (born Rothwell) was married to George Bowes Taylor who died in late 1881 after the census was taken.
They had a son George Jefferson Taylor B1852 in Bootle, Liverpool.
I need to know whether she died in the UK or whether she came over to South Africa with her son and died in SA. I can't find a record of her in SA, so I am inclined to believe she died in the UK.
The last I saw her was in the 1881 census when she was living with her husband at the age of 69 in Kendal.
Can someone see if they can find her in the 1891 or 1901 census?
Many thanks