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look up on ancestry

hello every one,i have just joined this brill site today,and i am wondering clanger,would you look up some thing for me, iam looking for joseph davies son of john and elizabeth davies toxteth park liverpool in the 1891 census.in 1913 he is down as being age 27 and his dad is deceased in the 1901 census i think his dad is a ships painter if you would be so kind to find him in the 1891 census and confirm his wifes madam name please.i think he was born about 1884 to 1886 if you could also comfirm this as well i would be very grateful.
Do you have time to look up another one please?
I'm looking to find out what happened to a James Morton living in Carrville, Durham, England in the 1851 census. He was a coal miner and emigrated to the US in the 1860's and we believe he was in the Louisville Colorado region. He was the brother of my husbands great granmother Hannah. Their parents were called John and Elizabeth Morton, they had a number of other children.
We know that James had some descendants , one was called Tom who married an Iva who was living in Lafayette Boulder county in the early 1960's.
I would be grateful if anyone could add anythingto this rather sketchy information.Many thanks.
Hi Beatleboy,

Found this family

civil parish Oldham, registration district Oldham, sub reg dist Oldham above town

address 2, Halls Place

John Davies head age 34 occ painter born Manchester
Elizabeth A wife age 32 Oldham
Joseph son age 7 born Oldham
Allan son age 4 born Oldham
Eva dau age 2 born Oldham

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Hi Julie, thank you. Imust get myself thinking about all this in a much clearer way. I don't think I realised what I was getting myself into. I don't have any information on any of the family as to where they went after Carrville. I know Ralph the youngest was born in Carrville.Is it possible for you to find out where the family went next? It appears they moved around a lot because at on etime they were up in Northumberland (Tynemouth I think).
Many thanks
Looks like one of the family on the 1871 census

civil parish Tudhoe, reg Durham, sub reg dist St.Oswald

address, Tudhoe Collery

George Morton head age 26 occ coal miner born Sherborn Hill
Elizabeth wife age 24 born South moor
James son age 2 born Tudhoe

1871 census

civil parish Tudhoe, reg dist Durham, sub reg dist St. Oswald

John Morton age 66 occ coal miner born Wapping (thats what the census says)
Elizabeth wife age 61 born Pensher
Henry age 31 occ miner born Sherburn Hill
Ralph age 20 occ miner born Carville (transcribed as Cornwall by Ancestry)
Joseph Johnson son in law age 26 occ miner born Yorkshire
Hannah Johnson dau age 24 u/m born Sherburn Hill (Johnson as on the census image, someone has had this corrected to Morton)

Julie, thank you so much. That's brilliant because we have a connection to Hannah Morton who married Joseph Johnson first and then went on to marry John Snowdon - my husbands great grandfather- so we ARE looking at the right family. Thanks ever so much.
We are now trying to find out what became of Joseph Johnson as we know that Hannah had one child with him before she married the Snowdon. Can I ask if there is any chance of you looking up a cause / death of Joseph Johnson. Their child Tom (Thomas?) was only 4 when she remarried.
Hope you don't mind.
Hi Ros,

Here are the family on the 1891 census

civil parish Tudhoe-address Tudhoe Collery

Thomas Johnson stepson age 19 occ coal miner born Tudhoe Collery
George Snowdon son age 11 born Tudhoe Collery
Hannah Snowdon wife age 44 born Halgarth (different place of birth)
Isabella Snowdon dau age 3 born Tudhoe Collery
John Snowdon head age 42 coal miner born Giles Gate
John Snowdon son age 14 born Tudhoe Collery
Mary Elizabeth Snowdon dau age 4 born Tudhoe Coller
William Thas Snowdon son age 7 rn Tudhoe Collery

So we know Joseph had died by then. Found this death 1884 Joseph Johnson dist Durham born abt 1826. Whether its him or not, but to know the cause of death you will need to purchase the death certificate. Will have another look on the 1881 census to see if he is there.

Hi Ros,

1881 census-civil parish Tudhoe

Tom Johnson age 9
George Snowdon age 1
Hannah Johnson age 33
John Johnson age 32
John Johnson age 4

So that death for Joseph isnt the right one.

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Hi Julie, wow!!!
Well, trying to work out from that I can see -

William Thas Snowdon son age 7 rn Tudhoe Collery - that's my husbands grandfather!

Found this death year 1874 Dec 1/4 district Durham Joseph Johnson born abt 1845. - this sounds like the right one - we know from a family bible that Hannah Johnson (nee Morton) marries John Snowdon in 1875 - so her first husband Joseph died in 1874

Not sure about this yet -
1881 census-civil parish Tudhoe

Tom Johnson age 9 - sounds right
George Snowdon age 1 - ditto
Hannah Johnson age 33 - not sure about this, she was supposed to be married by then
John Johnson age 32 ?
John Johnson age 4 ?

I can't thank you enough for all this help. Going off to check the links you gave and have a cuppa /try to take it all in. thank you :0)
just had a thought - perhaps it was wrongly recorded

Hannah Johnson age 33 - not sure about this, she was supposed to be married by then
John Johnson age 32 ?
John Johnson age 4 ?

should have been recorded as Snowdon surname - the ages correspond to what they should be.

Thanks Julie.
No problem Julie - you're a star. You found out more for me in a day than I've found in weeks. This fills in a very big gap in the picture because now we know how Hannah and John Snowdon met. John was the son of Thomas and Isabella Snowdon who were living in Tudhoe. Thomas was killed in the 1882 Tudhoe Pit Disaster.
I think the next step for us will be to find out more about the Snowdons. Hannah and John moved on to Wheatley Hill and are buried in the Cemetery there. Their son William Thomas - my husbands grandad also stayed in WHeatley Hill for the rest of his life. However we have no idea what happened to any of Johns brothers or sisters so I think thats the way for us to go next. For a long time my husband -also John Snowdon - thought he had no Snowdon relatives, perhaps there may be some out there!
Thank you so much, if you ever have nothingto do!!!!!!!! would you mind lookingfor some Snowdons for us :0) Thanks again Julie.
Here they are in 1901

civil parish Wingate, town Wheatley Hill

George Snowdon age 21 occ engine-------in coal mine
Hannah Snowdon age 54
Isabelle Snowdon age 13
John Snowdon age 52 storeman in coal mine (under ground)
John Snowdon age 24 coal miner ---------
Mary E Snowdon age 14
William Snowdon age 17 coal miner below ground

Just checking do you mean John who married Hannah was the son of Thomas and Isabella
Snowdon? as the only John I can find born St. Giles Durham, parents Joseph and Eleanor.

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