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Look Up Please! 1851 Marriage Blairgowrie,Perth,Scotland

If any one has access to Scotland's People (my credits expired sadly and I can't afford the £7 at the moment) I'd greatly appreciate a look up for the following marriage:

groom's name: Thomas Anderson
groom's birth date:
groom's birthplace:
groom's age:
bride's name: Margaret Laird
bride's birth date:
bride's birthplace:
bride's age:
marriage date: 26 Jan 1851
marriage place: Blairgowrie,Perth,Scotland

I suspect this is a second marriage for Thomas so wondered if he's listed as widowed.

Many thanks!
I tried to help you with this and when the image came up they were nowhere to be seen. I have complained so hopefully they will get back to me soon.

Thanks for trying! I am trying to tie three census listings together. I have the following info:

Thos. Anderson and Agnes Rodger, m 06 Feb 1831 (from familysearch)

1841 census
Thomas Anderson 40 [b 1801]
Agnes Anderson 35 [b 1806]
Catherine Anderson 8 ( baptism found, b 1832)
Thomas Anderson 5 ( " " b 1834)
Robert Anderson 1 ( " " b 1840)

From records:
David Rodger Anderson 1844 – 1918 (my gg granddad)

From Gravestone:
William Anderson 1836 – 1837 (baptism found, b 1836)
George Anderson 1847 – 1849
George Anderson 1849 – 1850
Agnes Rodger 1806 - 1849

All the baptisms and David's marriage confirm parents Thomas Anderson and Agnes Rodgers. All records from Liff Benvie And Invergowrie,Angus,Scotland
No baptisms found for David, Charles or either George.

Thomas Anderson 50 [b 1801]
Margret Anderson 46 [b1805]
Robert Anderson 10 [b 1841]
John Anderson 8 [baptism found, b 1842 mother Agnes Rodgers, ]
David Anderson 6 [b 1845]
Charles Anderson 4 [b 1847]

Thomas Anderson 61 b 1800
Margaret Anderson 57 b1804
Charles Anderson 16 b 1845
Catherine Maxon Anderson 22 dil
Elizabeth Anderson 1 [granddaughter?]

If the marriage between Thomas Anderson and Margaret Laird lists Thomas as widowed I think I can confirm that the family in 1851 and 1861 is mine.
The marriage banns are giving Margaret as a widow but no mention of Thomas having been married before - let me know if I can help further. Perhaps his death will note two wives? Or one of the children's deaths might help?

"Thomas Anderson, innkeeper, Blairgowrie in the parish of Blairgowrie and Margaret Laird relict of the late James Galloway, innkeeper in Perth, in the East Church Parish of Perth, daughter of the late (blank space) Laird."

Huh, weird. I'm pretty sure it's him. He was an innkeeper in Blairgowrie in 1850 for certain, says so right on his gravestone!


What are the possibilities that there's two Thomas Anderson who were innkeepers in Blairgowrie?

Perhaps a death/burial record would be helpful- I found the date on the above stone. Although you can't see it in the photo and it was difficult to make out in person it appears to be Aug 3 1875
Death just says Tollkeeper married to Margaret Laing or Galloway. Charles was the informant. Looking a bit suspect now. Are there any other Thomas?
On the plus side he died 3rd August but 1974.
1874 would make sense - the stone had cracked along the bottom but Aug 3 187_ was visible, the last number was pretty mangled so I guessed.

In 1871 I found who I think is him

Thomas Anderson
Age: 70
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1801
Relationship: Head
Gender: Male
Where born: Benvie, Liff and
Registration number: 330
Registration district: Auchtergaven
Civil parish: Auchtergaven
County: Perthshire
Address: Percy St
Occupation: Retired Farmer

but he's living alone, so not certain.
It didn't say Margaret was dead on his death record, it said married to. But she could have been. Perhaps find her burial place and see if he is on her stone too. Innkeeper, tollkeeper I can see but farmer?

Will have a look when I get home from work.

He's listed as a farmer on the 1861 as well, with Margaret, Charles and others, in Caputh, Perthshire, Scotland

1871 he's in Auchtergaven, Perthshire. I don't know my Scottish geography to know if those are close to each other
Isn't he a strange one? :2fun:

guess you are on the right track but wouldn't it be nice to have final proof. Why didn't Charles mention his mother on the death, too young to remember her? Why mention her first husband but not his first wife on the marriage. It just leaves a wee niggle.

It does seem odd, I agree. But I can prove that Thomas Anderson who married Agnes Rodgers is my direct ancestor and the gravestone must be accurate since Thomas had it made in 1850 for the 3 boys and Agnes. And I have baptisms for the first 5 children (Catharine, Thomas, William, Robert and John) with Agnes as the mother. William appears on the gravestone. Robert, John, David, and Charles appear to be a match on the 1851 census with Margaret. Charles is the only child I can't connect directly with Agnes but her date of death would indicate Agnes, not Margaret is his mother. David's marriage in 1867 give his parent's as
Thomas Anderson, farmer, Agnes Roger, deceased

I don't know why Margaret is listed as widowed and Thomas isn't (or why her name is given as her maiden name on the bans and not her previously married name). I've tried to search for her previous marriage to see if there were and children but had no luck. In the grand scheme of things I guess it doesn't matter since she is not my ancestor but it would nice to wrap it up neatly
David is the only marriage I have found- the other names are just too common.
Another researcher has Catharine married to James Stewart, Sept 8 1850 (which would explain her absence on the 1851 Census). I have not seen this marriage.
There's an 1861 census for a James and Catharine Stewart in Caputh

James Stewart 40
Catherine Stewart 30
Agnes Stewart 10
Thomas Stewart 8
Jean Stewart 5
Alexr Stewart 3
Margt Stewart 3 Mo
I had a thought that if you could find the marriage for Charles and matched up the signatures from the death record for Thomas that would prove that he was the same man. If you find him in the census with a wife it might not be too hard to find his marriage as you will know his wife's first name and prob the area.

Pretty sure you are right tho and he is one and the same man, wonder where poor second wife is buried.:)

James Galloway
Age: 45
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1796
Gender: Male
Where born: Perthshire, Scotland

Civil parish: Kinnoull
County: Perthshire
Address: Vil Of Bin Gend
Occupation: Vintner
Parish Number: 369
Household Members: Name Age
James Galloway 45
Margaret Galloway 41
Janet Galloway 16
Christine Galloway 14
Ann Galloway 12
James Galloway 10
John Galloway 8
Robert Galloway 3 Mo
Christina Laird 20

The age of Mgt looks a bit out but James' occupation is right and look at the last person on the list. Could be a relation of Mgt or just a coincidence?
From familysearch

James Galloway and Mgt Laird had

Janet 1825 Christina 1827, John 1833, and Robert 1841 all at Perth.

the plot thickens.

Well that doesn't help clear up anything does it? I'm beginning to wish I'd never started looking at this.

John and Robert Galloway's ages don't line up with Robert and John Anderson but then where did they go if their mother married Thomas? They weren't that old in 1851, at least Robert was only 10

I would think Marg was probably buried with James - have you seen a death for him before 1850? I tried to look on ancestry but there's only census records available and too many James Galloways, of course.