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Look Up Please!

I have found my Great-Great-Grandparents in the 1881 Census living in Black Brook, Haydock. There is William Hodkinson (36) Ann Hodkinson (33)
Mary Jane (12) John (11) Henry (9) William (5) Charles(3) and Samuel(1)
William is a Coal Miner born in Blackrod,Lancashire, and Ann his wife was born in Prescot Lancs.
Before this I can find no trace of the family at all no matter whose name I try:confused:
Could someone kindly do a look up for either 1871 or 1861 please. I can't find out when or if they were married even because I don't have her maiden name:confused: Thanks Guys;)

1871 England Census s transcribed

Civil parish: Haydock
Ecclesiastical parish: St James
Registration district: Warrington
Sub-registration district: Newton in Makerfield

William Hockenson 23 Cheshire, Coal Miner
Ann Hockenson 23 Prescot, Lancs
Mary Jane 2 Hadock
John Jane 2 Months Hadock (the record had ditto marks under the Jane of Mary Jane, and the transcriber has taken John as Jane instead of Hockenson
living Black Brook, Haydock

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On the face of it this looks a no no, but it might be worth keeping on the back burner just in case

I can't find them in 1861 or a marriage, but I thought I would look for Ann, no surname, born 1848 in Prescott, Lancs. There was an Ann Standish aged 13 born prescott living in Haydock. Age birthplace and address all match. I then looked up Ann Standish marriage 1860/1870. I expected one about 1868
I got a result on free BMD - Ann Standish married Jun 1868 Prescott 8b 869. There was only one male listed to two females. Anyway looking at the image the ref should be 8b 460. This code brings up a record with two males and one female. One of the males is William Atkinson. Not the right name but I could imagine it could have been transcribed wrongly. It might be worth spending a £10 on a cert.

Hi Dave
I hope this gets listed.
Wot's happening here please?

I couldn't find them in 1881..
They are Hadkinson..eye roll


Hi Ozn I don't understand your post. My post is what I think is the family in 1871. The surname has been transcribed wrongly, as a has John, but otherwise I think everything tallies

Oh Dave, Thank You So Much:kissu: That's brill. With a spelling of the surname as Hockenson, no wonder I couldn't find any trace of them:rolleyes: And I think you could be right about Ann Standish, I will keep on trying with that and see what comes up.
Thanks again Dave, I really appreciate your help:)

Hi Dave
When I said what's happening here I meant about the site going down.
You've made littlemo very happy:)


Hi Ozn
Ah - got you --You will be aware the site was down for about a week, went down on the 27th. No explanation yet, but I reckon its them so called Hackers again. Pity they can't put their obvious talents to something useful, and leave us alone

Here's 1891 census
They are Abram which was near Wigan.
32 Talbot Rd
I hope it's your family??

William Hodkinson bn 1832 59yrs Molling Ches coal miner
Annie 59 also bn Parr St Helens (wrongly transcribed) dressmaker
she seem to be too old to have these kiddies so their age must be out in census.

Charles 12, Edward 8, Samuel 10 bn Haydock.
3 boarders.

Oznannie, I love you as well:kissu: You are a star, Thank You:)
You are right about William and Ann's ages being out, but the kids ages fit.
Also another coincidence is that my GreatGrandad William Burrows was born in
Abram and Mary Jane's family now living there would fit in as well. William Burrows and Mary Jane Hodkinson were married in Leigh in 1889, and in 1891
are in lodgings in Westleigh along with their 1yr. old daughter. I have just had another look at their Wedding Certificate, and the witnesses are John and Ruth Standish :eek:
Westleigh and Abram are only a couple of miles from each other and with the men all being miners, they would likely move to where the work was.
I have also realised that although Mary Jane & William Burrows wern't married
until 7th Dec. 1889, my grandma Sarah was born on the 14th Nov.1889eek
So, that Pot on the back burner that Dave mentioned, seems to be simmering
nicelyO0 Thanks again Guys for your invaluable help.
Thanks Dave for understanding my message about site!
Littlemo I luv youse too!!
It looks like Mary Jane tied the knot after her time of "lying in" after a birth, 3-4 weeks. You may see in census "monthly nurse" as an occupation. These women looked after the mother and new babe. Mostly for people who had the money!
Great post this me dear.

ozn :)
Lo tis me again :)
in 1891 census I've found a Ruth Standish aged 22 cotton weaver
Her birthplace listed as "Paris Stock" St Helens.
Her family are in Westleigh Civil Parish.

I hope this helps

Hi Ozn,
Paris stock is probably a mis-spelling of Prescot. The main :confused: with all
this is the age discrepancies.
I have found a John Standish b 1824 in Prescot age 37. Wife Jane b 1825 in Prescot age 36 and children::
John b 1845 in Prescot age 16 (Coal Miner)
Henry b 1851 in Prescot age 10 (Coal Miner)
Ann b 1848 in Prescot age 13 (Scholar)
Ruth b 1855 in Prescot age 6 (Scholar)
Elizabeth b 1858 in Haydock age 3 (Scholar)
Ellen b 1860 in Haydock age 1
Also Henry Standish age 20 b 1841 in Prescot (Miner) who I would presume is a brother of the father seeing as how they already have a Henry aged 10.
So,Ozn, like I say, there are real discrepancies with the ages although the names would fit:confused: For instance, if Ann Standish is my GGGran and her mum is Jane, that would explain where the name Mary Jane comes from in my GGrans name. With Ruth, Westleigh fits, but if she was born in 1855 by 1891 she would have been 36. It's so confusing:confused: But I am convinced
that the strands will all pull together eventually.
Littlemo ;)