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looking also for my partners father CARL TULLY

also i am looking to try find my partners dad, Carl Tully, he was last known in Leigh Park Portmouth area.
will be now in his 40's. any leads would be great, thanks again


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Tracing a person currently living is a totally different matter. My first efforts would be to write a letter to the newspaper covering that area, for printing in their letters column, giving an approximate period in time when he was last known to be there, and asking for any information anyone in the area may have. This can be very helpful indeed. I have seen it happen a lot over the years and it can sometimes actually lead you right to the person concerned. If not, it is a case of using whatever clues you can get from it and following up on them.

If none of that helps, the Salvation Army can often be very successful in tracing people. Personally, I have never looked for anyone currently living so, am not much use in that field.

Keep us advised of what is happening and if you need any more help.


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