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Looking for 2 George Teasdales

I haven't been able to find either of these one may be dead by 1851 but the other if he died he did not die locally as I've seen burial records.
Firstly George H Teasdale living in Silkstone Yorkshire in the 1830s probably born early 1800s or earlier. Can't find him in 1841 either. May have been born Pennistone or Wortley.
Secondly George Teasdale bapt 9 Sep 1821 Tickhill Doncaster Yorkshire, Father was died in 1848 but mother Hannah born Rawmarsh 1792 still alive but living on her won. Brother William emigrated to Australia 1837 but no record of George there. Sister Sarah 1811 Tickhill married William Stringer in 1848, Sister Anne 1826 Tickhill married Henry Jarvis in 1846. Can't trace sister Mary 1816 Tickhill either.
Hi Duckweed,:)

On receiving your email I have spent today having a look at the Victorian records to see if i could find George T. Found a George H on the shipping who arrived from Plymouth 3 Nov 1860 b abt 1830. However I don't think this is one and same who married Fanny Mc Pherson in 1853 as they were married in Victoria so it seems.

There were death records for three Georges all at Kangaroo Flat which is Victoria- one 2 May 1897 which is the one who married Fanny supposedly if a tree I found is any guide...... Fanny dying 21/11/1893.
Another 21 /8/1917 and another 10/3/1883. Couldn't find any more detail though without paying dollars!

Interestingly, I found an Elizabeth Shaw Teasdale daughter of George and Fanny who married a Lee- so am wondering if they are connected to the Lee family in the other Teasdale line- ( Aaron) .

There was also listed on Vic census some Teasdales ( miners) at Diamond Hill near Ballarat ( early 1900s); plus some descendants of John and Ann who arrived on the Red Jacket. 1855 from Liverpool. Am not sure if they would be connected or not.

Am not sure where this Woomera comes from re George's residence.... it was the site of the rocket range in northern South Australia and a fairly uninhabitable or inhospitable place- extreme heat in summer....about 450kms north of Adelaide....known for its testing range ( atomic) and now detention centre - the township was established in 1947... so doubt if anyone would choose to settle there unless working with Government at that time....
Didn't find much else on these George T's and the Victorian shipping records drew blank other than the one arriving in 1860. I have had some problems finding people who came to Victoria in the mid 1800s on board ship assistend or non assisted re records etc as people I expect to be there in a given year aren't and results in a zero listing Very frustrating! It didn't provide much detail other than the ship being ' The Result".
Have just had another look using another approach to access the site from an old bookmark and have a Geo Teasdale arriving on the South Sea in Feb 1853 aged 25 ( which would make him born abt 1828 same as the census 1841 where he was listed as 12)- if it is the same one that is-and could have married later that year. There were some other George Teasdales but arriving much later in the 1880s and ages not fitting. There were 5 Mary Teasdales but none born 1816. If she emigrated, she may have been married before hand. Also none found arriving in SA that fits the bill.
There was an Ann, John 35, John Junr? 2 and Thomas 35, Mary aged 29 arriving on the Red Jacket in 1854.
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