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Looking for a forename


High Peak
Hi, I really hope somebody can help! My grandad was brought up my his mother's sister and he knew very little about his birth mother. I know he kept his mother maiden surname. What is the best way of finding out her first name? I am thinking I may have to order his birth certificate, however I was very shocked to see how expensive it is!!! minimum of 22 pound on ancestery.co.uk! Can I order it cheaper anywhere else?

Thanks :)
Hi Emma

It may be possible to find out more about your grandfather's mother, if you can give what info you know. ie maiden name, birth date and place and/ or your grandfather's name, plus any siblings. the more you can give the more chance of ensuring the right one is found.
If the info is sensitive, you are now able to send a private message, to a member who you think may help you.

Hi Dave

Well this is the information that I have, my great grandmother's maiden name was Shepherd, have no birth date, I am guessing she was born in the Stockport, Manchester area possibly Heaton Norris, my grandfathers name was Alexander Edward Shepherd (he kept his mothers maiden name) born we think in Whaley Bridge, under Macclesfield district, 6th Dec 1915. It was his mothers sister Kitty (we think Catherine) who brought him up and I am told she may have had other siblings George and Alex that I know of.

If you or anybody else can help find out her name or where she went or what happened to her I would be really really greatful!!

Many Thanks

Emma :)