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looking for a marriage William Garner B 1902


Hi, trying to find a marriage of William Garner he was born in 1902, in Harrogate, he may not have married at all,
He was a merchant seaman the last ship he was on was called the Matatua, came back to london in 1924, he may have joined another ship, not sure what happened to him after 1924. :confused:

Hi Lighty
In Free BMD Harrogate is not listed as a rego area for the birth.
I looked for him under different counties with no luck.
No luck either in Anx under their births.
You are 100% sure he was born in 1902, if so, where did you get the info from? The cenus taken 10 yrs after 1901?

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Hi, My apologies he was born in 1901 in Harrogate Yorkshire.
I got the info from his cr10 merchant navy card.
He may have joined another ship and married in another country. :(, i probably will never be able to find out what happenend to the fella. :confused:

Births Dec 1901
Garner William Arthur Knaresbro' 9a 107

Lots of possible marriages in England for a William and William A.
The ship appears to have gone from England to Australia on a regular basis and is mentoned docking at Adelaide in old newspapers.
It also brought home troops after WW1.
Seems it had quite a few accidents.
It also went to Canada & N.Z..
I looked in fmp immigraton, nothing connects, there again if he worked his passage, he may not show up.