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Looking for Albert & Mary BURR


Well-known member
Lakeland, Florida, USA
Hi All,
I am looking for the births of my Grandfather: Albert James BURR
and Grandmother: Mary DAWSON
I have what I believe to be their marriage:
Jun ¼ 1891 Albert Joseph BURR = Mary Dawson @ SALFORD Volume 8d Page 65
Family Folklaw:
Mary was an orphan.
They had 17 children, 2 of whom died (some say 19, two of whom died)
From FreeBMD I found the following:
Jun ¼ 1892 Lily @SALFORD [in 1911 Cen. 1893]
Jun ¼ 1893 George @ SALFORD [in 1911 Cen. 1894]
Jun ¼ 1895 Richard @ SALFORD [in 1911 Cen. 1896]
Jun ¼ 1897 Thomas @ SALFORD (DIED?) [Not in Cen.]
Mar ¼ 1899 Nellie @ SALFORD [in 1911 Cen. 1899]
Jun ¼ 1900 Phoebe @ SALFORD [in 1911 Cen. 1901]
Jun ¼ 1902 Albert @ SALFORD [in 1911 Cen. 1902]
Mar ¼ 1904 Thomas @ STAINES [in 1911 Cen. 1904]
Jun ¼ 1905 Horace @ STAINES [in 1911 Cen. 1906]
Mar ¼ 1907 Walter @ STAINES [in 1911 Cen. 1907]
Jun ¼ 1910 Dorothy @ STAINES (Died?) [Not in Cen.]
Dec ¼ 1912 Sylvia May @ MILE END [Not in Cen. - too young]

As you can see, there are only 12 children here - but two did die young.
I may have missed some, perhaps during the move from SALFORD to STAINES, but I do know Sylvia was the youngest.

I have found a possible birth for Albert James:
Dec 1/4 1870 Albert Joseph BURR @ AMPTHILL (BEDFORDSHIRE)
but the location bothers me.
For Mary I have found:
She would be older than Albert, but that does not worry me.

Mary left her husband (fed up with being pregnant - so I'm told) and looked after me during the war (WWII) while Dad was in the RAF and Mum was doing war work.

Any help will be gratefully appreciated.

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