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Looking for any possible ways to find more information

Torin Bramley

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I'm looking for information on my great grandfather, Albert Arthur Frost (often went by Arthur) who was born in 1928, in Derbyshire and I've been told he served in the paratroopers from 1944-1951 possibly joined earlier if he joined before he was 16 but we don't know much else about it. I've tried searching for his records but can't seem to find anything, so I'm looking for suggestions or help. I have 1 military picture of him but don't have a date on it or know what the uniform is/means.


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To add detail he was born on the 31/5/1928 and died in September 1991 both in chesterfield, according to ancestry and what I've found on there. He married in 1951 and had three children before he died.
'Service records are treated as case files containing personal
information. MOD`s procedure for the disclosure of personal information
is based upon compliance with its obligations under the Data Protection
Act 1998. MOD does not normally disclose personal data to a third party
without the consent of the subject unless it is known the subject is
deceased or where proof of death is provided in the form of a death
certificate. Where these conditions cannot be met the Department does not
assume the subject is deceased until a period of 116 years has passed
since their date of birth. MOD must also respect the rights of living
individuals including the families of the deceased by not disclosing
information which potentially could cause distress to those families.

MOD’s existing disclosure procedures attempt to address these concerns.'

For you to obtian his war records, you'll need a copy of his death cert, and a download a form from here...... https://www.gov.uk/get-copy-military-service-records

The Fee for this service is non returnable if the records do not exist, or cannot be found. There may, or may not be, a great deal of information in his records.
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Hi ,My late Husband was a para stationed at Aldershot. As already stated records are not released until all that age has died. As in Birth year.

have you tried these people incase your ancestor attended the parades. We helped someone find there father years back when they held a reunion in a nearby town .Found a photo(first time they had seen him) when we went to look it up on that towns library display . Husband then got on to the British legion and we found a lot out .She has half siblings she never new of. He went to all the remembrance parades in London.It is surprising the amount in our area that were illigit as there was so many Soldiers training in the area.You know his home town so local legion should help.Once a Para always a Para :)
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I sent for my Dad's army service records back in February, I had an email from MOD saying they were way behind with applications, so I am still waiting:rolleyes: