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looking for birth in India


Can anyone help me trace the birth of Ellen Elizabeth Thirtle b 1878 Rawalpindi, India. I think her father was William Thirtle, mother possibly Annie Parmeter??. Any info on those above would be great. Thanking you all for your continued help.
The bapt image is on FMP but doesn't give further information :-

Christ Church, Rawal Pindi, Bengal
Ellen Elizabeth Thirtle
d.o. Annie & William Thirtle
born Dec 8 1878
bapt Dec 23 1878
Private 81st Reg

These records don't give mother's maiden name, sorry.
Don't know whether you have this:-

image on FMP World (available to UK subscribers free this weekend)

St Mary's Poona
22 Nov 1871
William Thirtle, 23, Bat, private H.M. 49 reg, father William Thirtle
Annie Parmiter, 17, Spin, father Harry Parmiter
by banns
Witt. C Thirtle, A Henry, Ellen Perry

(looking at these records the 49th & 81st Regs seem to be mentioned together sometimes)

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Sorry, corrections to spelling at marriage :- Annie PARMENTER father HENRY.


( Annie Parmenter born in the 49th foot regiment at Wittham 1855)
Hi again.

I have managed to find records for William Thirtle and his parents but as yet cannot find any records for Annie Parmiter/Parmeter (or possible Pemberton).According to 1911 census when she and her husband were living in Preston Lancashire she was born 1857 in Whitham (which I think is in Essex). Can anyone help me find any records for the above lady.

Fingers crossed
All on FMP & Ancestry:-
Annie gives her age as 17 when she marries in 1871, father Henry Parmenter.

The British National Armed Forces Birth Index gives birth of Annie Parmenter at Witham 1855, father in 49th foot.

1861 census, Witham Essex
Mary Parmenter, 27, mar, washerwoman b. St Braxted Essex
Ellen Parmenter, 7, b. Rivenhall Essex
Anne Parmenter, 6, b. Witham Essex
Henry Parmenter, 3, b. Witham Essex

No husband on census but there is a service record for a Henry Parmenter, born Rivenhall, nr Witham Essex, enlisted 15th Dec 1854, discharged May 1879 aged 44 yr 5 mth so born about Jan 1835. He was in the 49th foot and we know he was in Poona in 1871 when Annie married there as his record shows he was in hospital in Poona in 1871.

So looks like Anne was born 1855 Witham Essex d.o. Henry & Mary.
hope that helps.
Looks like Mary died in India, also a baby died same day :-

birth, 3 June 1871, Lily Parmenter d.o. Henry & Mary, private 49th reg

died 27 May 1872
Lilley Parmenter, 1yr, Remit(?) Fever
Mary Parmenter, 39 yr, malignant Cholera


Been on Free BMD to search for a marriage between Henry Parmenter and Mary ? but cannot find one. I am assuming they married in Britain as their 3 children were born in Essex and Mary appears on 1861 census in Essex whilst Henry is stationed at Aldershot.


Getting so confused here with Henry Parmenter. We know he was in India with his wife Mary, but cannot find a marriage for them. Found a marriage for Henry Parmenter in 1851 in Lexden, Essex to Jane Bond, his occupation at this time was labourer? Co-incidentally there is a marriage in Lexden, Essex in 1888 between Henry Parmenter and Hannah Barton. By this time Henry was widowed (Mary having died in India). On 1891 Henry and Hannah appear on census with Henry's occupation as labourer whilst on 1901 census they appear with Henry's occ as being army pensioner. Is Jane Bond the same person as Mary who went with her husband Henry to India???

Grateful for any help unravelling this.
Think this is it :- at Witham, Essex

1852 Q2 Henry Parmaker m Mary Fisher (this is FMP, Ancestry has it as Parmater)

1853 Q2 birth Ellen Parmenter
1855Q1 birth Anne Parmenter

Can't find any Parmaker in later censuses that could be this couple.

re post 7, looking at the census image Mary was born at Lt Braxted, i.e. Little not Saint.

Family search has bapt Mary Fisher Little Braxted 15 April 1832 d.o. George & Ann

This family in Little Braxted in 1841 with Mary aged 9.
Mary Parmenter was 27 in 1861 and 39 at death in May 1872 so seems a year or so too young to be this Mary Fisher. However this is the only Mary Fisher born Little Braxted and Mary Parmenter was a year or two older than her husband so I think that Mary has reduced her age slightly after her marriage.


PS, this George Fisher in 1841 is interesting, although he is an ag. lab., in 1861 and 1881 he is church clerk
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Hi to all

Once again thank you so much for the info. I am sure that MAry Fisher is the lady I am looking for married to Henry Parmenter, what a coincidence that there is a Henry Parmenter marrying Jane Bond in 1851 in Essex.

Take care you all