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Looking for Catherine Jane 'Jeannie' MacInnes death in Canada?

Hi everyone

I have been looking for my grandfathers younger sister for some time but don;t have a birth date. She was born in Scotland but went to Canada and died young without being married. My grandfather was born in 1899, I have found a couple of certificates in Scotlands People for 1912 but haven't seen them so don't know if they are the right ones or if she was born earlier and nobody else seems to be doing or has done a tree on our family so don't have any other info to go on. I suspect she died in Canada. Her mothers maiden name was Maclean and my grandfather referred to her as Jeannie rather than her given name of Catherine. Any help would be great. I have looked for any death records and also immigration but it is difficult without a timeframe or district to look in.

Hello Mary :)
Please can you give us your grandfathers first name bn 1899 and birthplace.
We are looking for his sister Catherine right?
Their mother's maiden was McLean?
McLean married MacInnes yes?

Hi Oz

Grandads full name was Donald John Maclean MacInnes. His mothers name on marriage cert is Jeannie Maclean. She went by Maclean MacInnes when she was married. I found her listed as Jessie on another tree and this was where I found Catherine Jane as grandads sister. Previous to this we only knew her as Jeannie and actually have a photo with this name on it. My Mum seemed to think that she was a bit younger than him. I have tried to find her immigrating but am not sure what time frame to look in and the same with her death which I am presuming happened in Canada.:confused:
Jeannie Maclean remarried in 1916 to a Riddle and they had 2 sons and daughter. Catherine was his full sister.

Many thanks for any help you can give.
Hi Mary :)
I've found the family in 1901 in Inverness before Catherine was born.
Do you have the details?
I don't think I can help after this time as I don't have credits with Scotlands people to view details of Catherine's birth year.
I'm sure someone in the forum will be able to help with shipping lists to Canada.

Hi Ozn

I have checked that one and it isn't the right one. My Mum had the impression that she was a few years younger than my Granddad and he was born in 1898. It is frustrating that the next census isn't out until next year as I am sure this would at least give us the area they lived in and her age. Anyway thanks for looking.