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Looking For Death Of

tamworth staffordshire
Am looking for the death of Frederick Charles Lewis b 1862 london he had sons one of whom I think I have found the marrage of.His name Henry samuel Lewis b1884 London he married Sophia Townsend on 17 july 1909 think this is right as his sister Clarrissa is wittness but it says his father deceased but cannot find the death know he is on 1901 census so must be between that date and his sons marrage if this is correct he missed his eldest sons marrage my grandfather.Christine
Name: Frederick Charles Lewis
Estimated birth year: abt 1862
Year of Registration: 1906
Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun
Age at Death: 44
District: Chelsea (1841-1981)
County: Greater London, London, Middlesex
Volume: 1a
Page: 241

Thanks dave it could be him but not sure as the Lewis's in London are hard as they all seem to have same names and so do thier children and born about same time.My Frederick Charles Lewis seemed to have been born and lived around Newington,Camberwell area so would Chelsea come under that.Found him in 1901 he is in Camberwell.Christine
Hi Chistine,

Camberwell is quite close. About 5Km as the crow flies, just over the river Thames. I always check 'google' maps as a rough guide.

People can move along way in 5 years. That reg for him looks like the right one.
Name, age etc all seems about right.

Up date donnt think that the marrage of Samuel Henry Lewis married1909 is right as I have just recieved my grandmothers wedding cert she is his sister and it doesnt say deceased on this cert just gives her fathers name and job so thin he was alive when she married in 1913 so will have to go looking again.Christine