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Looking for Edward Forbes

If anybody could kindly look up the 1911 census for Edward Forbes, I would be grateful.
He was born Dunmanway Co,Cork Ireland.
I think he was living in Newport Monmouthshire.Possibly born about 1894.

Also if anybody has access to irish records, his family in Dunmanway please.

Thank you
I can't see him anywhere in 1911, well not England or Wales. The only Forbes found in Dunanway, Co. Cork in 1911 are Johanna Forbes, a 67 year old widow and her 30 yer old son, Joseph. The Census states that they are Roman Catholic and can both read and write.

Don't know if this helps or not!

I found this on the Mormon site. but it may well be that on the census for Newport Monmouthshire it could show that he was born in DUNNANWAY Co, Cork. not Dunmanway.So if it could be checked again. Thank you
Hi Ladybird,

There are no Edward Forbes b 1894 Ireland appearing in the Welsh or English Census for 1911. The only Edward Forbes I found was born Nottinghamshire 1894.

I think I have found him via the link from FamilySearch, the Morman site. It takes you to an image on FMP where the address is written as 4, Adams St, Aldelphi, Strand, WC ( i.e. London WC ) but the images either side are for Commercial St Newport and the transcript for the entry gives the address as 182 Commercial St Newport.

The image shows that Edward Forbes is a medical doctor, MB, aged 27 so born 1884 not 1894. his p.o.b looks like Dunmonway Co. Cork but is transcribed Dunnanway. He is a partner in a medical practice, the head of the household was originally written in as James H**ley aged 46, a medical doctor from Co. Cork but he is crossed out and Thomas O'Donell from Dublin a locum is given as the head of household. It is he who has signed the entry, I wonder whether he has just arrived as a locum and has put his London address in error?

The ref is RG14PN31972 RG78PN1840 RD587 SD2 ED13 SN509, Newport, RD 587, ED13 Pc 31972
I hope that helps
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Thank you Elaine,this is him. as I know that my Great Uncle told me he was a DR. So grateful.Now I have to find the connection to him with our family, I know he was a cousin of my grandmother,