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Looking for family and possible birth certificates

South Africa
Hello from South Africa
We are looking for family of William Francis Cannon. His parents were Amy Collacott and Charles Arthur Light. Some where along the line the surname changed from Light to Cannon. We are trying to find out How Why and When. We dont have a birth certificate of the William Francis Cannon born 13 January 1922 and passed 26 July 2001.
Thank you
Parents Marriage Registration
1912 Brighton Reg District
Charles A J Light
Amy Collacott

Have you got the marriage certificate?

Re Birth Certificate for William, do you mean you have identified the birth but not sent for the certificate? OR you haven't identified the birth?
Are you relying on the birth date given the death registration? (It may or may not be correct)

The only births of a William F with mothers maiden name Collacott are WAITE 1924 Cardiff and SCOTT 1927 Bath.
Of course Amy might have been married before and Collacott is her married name not her maiden name.

Re: Charles A J Light.... the only birth I can find is Charles Alfred James Light 1892 mmn BROWN.
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