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Looking for friend of English WWII War Bride and Need Guidance

My grandmother was an English citizen who married an American WWII soldier and moved to the US in 1946. I'm currently in the U.S. and trying to locate my grandmother's best friend before she left England, Margaret (Peggy) Gilbert nee Hawthorn.

My grandmother visited with this friend in the '70s but fell out of touch with her. It may be that the woman is deceased by now - I do not know her exact age, but she would be close to my grandmother's age of 87. I tried to look at the death records on Genes Reunited but couldn't find anything. (I don't know if I was looking correctly.) If she is not deceased, I think my grandmother would enjoy writing to her or speaking to her on the phone.

I have an old address for this Peggy, which I was able to use to find her listed on 192.com. However, the record was from the 2003 electoral roll and it didn't seem to have any other current address listed or information of use other than her husband's name (after spending 20 pounds, I might add!). It also seemed to indicate that there were new residents at that address starting in 2004, if I was reading it correctly.

I have never done any genealogical research or tried to find someone, let alone someone from a different country, so any guidance on how to find my grandmother's friend is appreciated. My grandmother talks about her constantly, reliving her own war stories - and I'd like to locate Peggy for her, if I can, before my grandmother is no longer with us.

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