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Looking for help with William Francis Thurlbeck information

Norma Price

New member
William Francis Thurlbeck
Born 1882 probably Sunderland, Durham, England but no birth record has been found.
In 1889 he came to Canada and was escorted by Annie Macpherson who ran the Marchmont House in Belleville, Ontario. Canada Government states he was 7 at the time and was sent by the Sunderland Industrial School. He is being considered a British Home Child. I cannot find a ship passenger list proving his immigration. There is actually no information to be found except in the British Home Children registry http://www.britishhomechildrenregistry.com/Person/bhcInfo/43359
In the Canada 1891 Census he is listed at living with Robert and Ann English in Hastings County, Ontario, Canada and he was 9.
In 1903 he married Jennet Maud Austin. The marriage document states his parents as William Henry Thurlbeck and Rebecca English.
He had several children with Maud and she died in 1918 during childbirth.
He remarried in 1918 to Caroline (Webb) Killick. The marriage document states his parents as William Henry Thurlbeck and Rebecca Todd.
He moved to Quebec at some point after this and died in Montreal Quebec in 1959 although no death record has been found nor a cemetery record.
1: It is possible his parents were very poor and lived in a work house.
2: He was illegitimate and his mother lived in a work house and when she married William Henry Thurlbeck he was given his last name. They were married in 1883 and document has been found to verify.

I am trying to find as much viable information as possible so his grandchildren can have some facts about their heritage. They were young when their father died and never got the chance to ask and it’s possible their father had no idea either

This may be something, needs looking into. The marriage index for Sunderland 1883 has a William Thurlbeck brides listed are - Rebecca Todd and a Mary Ann Jobling. Looks like you already new this.
The Marriage Certificate between William Henry Thurlbeck and Rebecca Todd should give their fathers, their occupations and addresses so you can identitfy who they were.
FindmyPast has a record of a William Thurlbeck age 9 admission to school in Sunderland from the Workhouse, in 1888 - mother Mrs Todd - with an address in Sunderland - need to check the marriage certificate to see if this is the same family.
Thank you everyone for your help. I still would like to find a birth record for William Francis. I do suspect he was an illegitimate child but so far I can't prove it.