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Looking for info on Kallmer name

Roseburg, OR
United States
I'm looking for any info on the Kallmer name. I'm working on a possible connection with an Anna (Hannah) Kallmer being the mother to my g-grandfather James Bishop. Anna, from what I have found, was from Germany, possibly Danzig. She was born in about 1850. Her father may have been a man named Christian Kallmer (Kalmer). Anna was married to a Peter Schau, which resulted with 2 children. She then married, before leaving Germany or after, a Martin Ebel. This resulted in 3 children who were born in Ohio. One being a Louise Ebel, born Cleveland, Ohio 1888, who married an ancestress' brother. If there is any connection with Anna to James Bishop Jr., that would mean that she had a relationship with James Bishop Sr. But I would like to find out if she was at anytime up to May 10, 1872 (when James Jr. was born) in England. Or even if James Sr. was at anytime in Germany. All that I know of Sr. was that he jumped from a bridge into the River Avon. G-grandpa (Jr.) also told people that he was from Stratford-upon-Avon. James Jr' full name looks to be Charles James Alphons Gustave Henri Bishop.