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Looking for Jim/James Wilson

Hi I am looking for a Jim could be James Wilson. He served in the Royal British Navy during ww2. I believe he would have been around 5'10 in height and had fair hair. He was born in the UK probably around 1923-1925 and may have been married. My reason for searching for him is because he is my biological Grandfather and he is not aware of it. He met my biological Grandmother Iris in 1945 in Brisbane Australia during the war. She tried to find him to tell him about the pregnancy but could not. My Father was born on the 5/51946 in Brisbane.
I have no idea how to find him or any relations. So many Jim Wilsons were in the navy and I have to find the one that met Iris in Brisbane around that time. Any information on Jim or relatives would be greatly appreciated or any help on how I can continue my search would be appreciated as well. My Family would just like to know of him or any relations.