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Looking for Lost Relative

Hello Everyone!

I’m looking for lost relatives from England. My family lives in the US and in the early 1900’s lived in Chelsea, MA.
My aunt told me that her family was visited by a relative when she was (approximately) 11 years old. He gave her and my dad a book of poetry (Poems of Tennyson). My dad lost his gift. My aunt's copy has the following inscription:

To Georgine (my aunt) from Cousin Murray Marks. With affection. Birkdale Lancaster, England dated 16-4-1948

-Murray was likely born in early 1900's, approximately the same age as my grandfather
-Murray had a sister that emigrated to Israel
-He is our Cohen relative, related to Cohen

My Great Grandfather was Aaron Isaac Cohen (1870-1917) . Murray was related to Aaron, we are not sure how. There were other visitors from England related to Murray, two women, but the connection is lost. My aunt is in her 80’s and very healthy. We would love to find our missing UK relatives, descendents and relatives of Murray, and connect them in our family tree.

My aunt and father have had their DNA tested. My father is on Gedmatch, and they are both on FamilyTreeDNA. I have an Ancestry subscription and no luck so far in finding Murray. I also contacted many DNA matches from the UK on MyHeritage DNA, and no success there.

Thanks and any help is appreciated in solving this 50+ year mystery!

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