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looking for my roots

I am looking for my family roots, the family name is Abbott and they are based in Thirsk North Yorkshire.
my mothers name was Lily Abbott, I was born in 1963 before being adopted in to a neighbouring family of the Hoods. Both familys resided at St James Green, thirsk.
any info would be really good. thanks, Linda


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Hi newcastlelinda,

Welcome to the forum. We hope that you enjoy being here.

Now, let's start a bit of detective work. You don't give any indication of what you may have already done, so let's assume it is nothing. This brings a few questions to mind:

1) Do you have your birth certificate? If so, hopefully this will give you the information you need to start the job.

2) Do you know if you have any siblings? As much information about them as you can get would be useful. One of the critical things would be their ages, or even better, their dates of birth. If you have no idea of your mother's age when you were born, this information would enable you to work out a rough timescale on her.

3) Have you tried using the St Catherine's House Indexes? This would, I think, be your first port of call. Your main central library in your area should have them up to the year 2000. Contact them and see if you need to make an appointment to use a microfiche reader. If you have never done this before, someone will show you how. Use this to find your own record of birth, and any others you may know of. If you have brothers and sisters, when you find their records, they should help you to confirm the information by having the same details in each of them. The indexes will give you the quarter of the year (using the last month of each quarter to identify it - March, June, September and Decmeber), the year, mother's name and any maiden name, registrar's district and entry number or page. The registrars district will be shown as a number code and there should be an index in the library to tell you where that relates to.

4) If you consider that your mother would probably have had her first child at around age 23, you can now work out an approximate year of birth for her. Use this as a starting point and work on that, followed by a year before and a year after, until you have checked up to five years either way. Hopefully, that should give you the record. If you were say the first born, or the only child, that would give you a year of 1940 for your mother's birth. You would check that year, and then work out from it until you had checked from 1935 to 1945. If that doesn't find it, start widening the period, again one year at a time either way until you do.

When you have done this, you will now know the routine and will be able to continue using the indexes for all records back to 1837.

We could do this for you, but it is important to learn the mechanics of Family History Research. It is much more satisfying for you to find records for yourself than have someone else do it all for you. If you have any problems, or get stuck, come back here and tell us your problem and we will see what we can do to help you.

Good luck,

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