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Looking for some help with Helena and siblings. Taylor.

Preston, Lancashire
Hi everyone, I am trying to locate a Helena Taylor and also her siblings in my family tree. Any help anyone can give would be great.

Ok, il start with what ive managed to discover so far...

Helena was born 1890, Wheelton, Lancashire to Rebecca Taylor (mn snailham b1864 d1929) and John Taylor (b1861).

Her siblings were -
Nancy (b 1884)
Minietta Elizabeth (b1885)
Thomas (my gt grandfather) (b1886-d1946)
Dinah (b1889)

The last census i have found her in is the 1891 census, still living in Wheelton.

Whilst researching her mother i came across a passenger list from liverpool to halifax canada listing all the family listed apart from John. (14 Sept 1901)

Also came across more passenger lists coming back and forth between liverpool and canada listing Rebecca Taylor and Helena... none of the other siblings.

Its as if the other siblings disappeared which is quite strange especially as Dinah the youngest of all siblings was still an infant and never traveled back with sister and mother.

Cant work out for sure if Helena went back to canada and stayed, as i know her mother definately came back and passed away in 1929 Ingol, Preston. In Rebeccas will, Helena and Thomas are the benefacts. Also it states Helena is still unmarried. Which in theory should make finding her easier as she still has maiden name...?

Any help in finding whether she stayed in Canada or did indeed come back like her brother thomas and mother to the uk would be really appreciated. Also any insight into what happened to her other sisters.

Apologies to go on abit of a tangent, always better to give too much info than too little...but if i have missed any info out that someone thinks could help please just ask.

Just an update for anyone that tries to help with this...

I believe i have found Dinah.
Sadly its a death record - Died aged 2 in Halifax County, Canada. Abode at time (trying hard to read the faded handwriting) 21 Blonfield St/21 Blamfield St ? Buried at St John.

Anyone that has access to electorial from that year in canada, i would much appreciate an address search to see who is listed there... :)


There are a Rebecca and Helena Taylor on the incoming passenger list to the UK.

Port of departure Halifax Nova Scotia
Arrival date 12 Oct 1914
Port of arrival London
Ship Digby

Rebecca Taylor age 55
Helena age 22 (age slightly out)
Hi julie, thankyou for your message.

Yes i too have found that record. Have also found two others... a leaving the uk and another returning and helena's age is also slightly out on those aswell. Left a ? mark next to them incase their not my people but have an inkling they are.

Is their anywhere to see census's past 1911 online do you know? If helena did come back perhaps i could trace her that way. Theres no record i can find of her death in Canada.
I think ive found Minnie Elizabeth but Nancy is still also a mystery.

Im concentrating my efforts Helena more so,as my search started to find out more about my gt grandad Thomas (her brother, he was a well known man in leyland, lancs, the 'wireless wizard') figured if theres still people around in leyland that remember him, maybe Helena had children and there could be living ancesters that could tell me more. Hes a mysterious character, but main interest is he received congratulations from John Logie Baird as he was the first man in the NW to receive tv pictures on his home made receiver. Curious to know more...
As she was named in her mother Rebeccas will my assumption is she lived longer than her sisters and possibly had children.



1910 United States Federal Census
Rebecca Taylor
Born abt 1864 England
Add: Lockport Ward 4, Niagara, New York
Race: White
Gender: Female
Imm Year: 1909
Father's Birthplace: England
Mother's Birthplace: England
Rebecca Taylor 46
Helena Taylor 20 [Dau. b. abt. 1890 England, imm. year 1909]

Of course these may not be yours, but the details are very close.

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Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1954
Nannie Taylor
Arrival Date: May 1909
Port of Arrival: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Residence Country: Canada
Age: 25
Born abt 1884 England
Race/Nationality: English
Record Type: Manifests
Line Number: 13
[Travelling with Helena aged 19y, both cotton weavers. Last perm' address: Halifax, Canada, nearest relative: Uncle, James Snailham.]

Hi geoff, thankyou very much for your replies ! :)

I think both are very likely to be my people ...
All the dates match their ages, DOB are all correct and James Snailham would also tie in. Rebeccas's maiden name is Snailham.

Would also explain a passenger list i found for rebecca but was unsure about it as it stated new york not canada.. but guess that would make sense now.

The only one left is minnetta elizabeth... but there is a minnie e listed in the same graveyard as Dinah so perhaps my mystery is close to being solved.

Hopefully i can come across some marriages records and living ancesters !! Never imagined they might be across the pond...