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Looking for various people

Hi there. I have done some research on my family tree and currently use Myheritage to fill it in. I keep getting to standstill points in my tree and am unable to go further. I google, research etc on individuals and find nothing or constantly find the same information I already have, which leads me to get no further.

Mary Middleton (top of tree)
Birth: between 1787-1791
Death: C1858.
Sons: Amos Middleton b1818 d/oct 17 1893? + maybe a Richard Middleton?

Amos married Jane Elizabeth Middleton (born Simpson)
Children on my relation is Walter George Middleton born 1864, died 1933. Married to Leah Middleton (born simpson).
Son of Walter would be Maurice Cornelius Middleton.
I'd assume most of the relatives would b born or died in Wiltshire, with maybe some variations.

Even though my username is Annie is was an error! Not my real name :D

I would love to find out Mary's husband? or go further back from her, but all I keep getting are multiple different siblings or birth dates and deaths which I don't want to put in in case they are incorrect. I wouldn't be surprised if the information I had is incorrect anyway.
This is family on my nan's dads side.

My names mothers side is even more confusing because she was adopted.
Dorothy Mary Jane Annie Middleton (born Kyte) 1909-1990
Married Maurice Cornelius Middleton.
Dorothy's parents: Mary Jane Kyte (paget) 1883-1940, Henry James Kyte 1877-1969.
Not sure of Mary Jane Kytes parents but I have the maiden name Beams apparently on my tree? Maybe no accurate.
Henry's parents are Jane Kyte (munday) 1849-?, and Henry ISSAC ktye (1854-?) Many sources I have found and discovered are extremely confusing for this family. Multiple ones mix of Henry Issac kyte and Henry James kyte. or switch them around. This is as far back as I go here.

On my grampy's side its worse because it gets nowhere. Absolute found nothing. I would ask him if I could bit sadly he is unable to speak.

Grampy: David Fredrick Bourton (6 jan 1947) married Elaine cornelia Bourton b1948
Davids parents: Frederick Joseph Bourton 1916-1976 and Hilda Gladys Bourton (born johnson) 1918-2011.
Hilda parents: Robert Thomas Johnson 1873-1953 and Mary Johnson 1873-1950
This is literally as far back as I can go. I cant find any of their parents?

I'll leave it there. I wont do my dads side because its even worse due to it being out of the United Kingdom. Thank you all.