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Looking to confirm WWI ancestors


North Wales

I know its a bit of a long shot but i'm trying to find some information about members of my family that served in the first war.

I know that my great grandfather was Richard Sydney Thorne who served with the Royal Engineers. I have a photo of him when he was 19 in WW1 dress, so thats pretty much the closest I am to knowing his birth date. He has two WW1 medals that a relative only discovered last week so i am yet to see them, but he thinks they are just generic service medals and says there is no other information on them. Richard's parents are George Warrener Thorne and Rosina Jane Pomeroy. He is from the Sheerness area.

I also have the names of two men who my grand mother says are her uncles, although they must be her uncles by marriage and not blood as none of the surnames match up. Their names are Sydney Lane and "Bill"/William Skinner. They are from Scotland, probably the angus county area. I know that one of them died in the war leaving a new wife, and one shortly after he came back. My grand mother cannot remember which died at war but thinks it is Sydney. The family names of my grand mother are (father) Young and (mother) Burnie so their spouses would probably have one of those maiden names.

As i said, a long shot, but if anyone knows where i could start looking for them even that would be a great help. So far my main search for them has been on ancestry.co.uk as its the only place i currently have a subscription!


Hi Jen,
Firstly let me welcome you to the fhuk forums, you will find everyone very friendly and helpful here and only to willing to help you in your quest to find your ancestoral past .
All you need to do is post on the relevant forums, with as much information that you have in your possession with your questions, and our members will do as much as they can for you.
Secondly, i see you are researching your Thorne Ancestors, i Will check what info i have (if any) on my own Thorne ancestors to see if there are any connections, if there are i will share them with you.
Good luck with your research and we wish you every success in finding your lost relatives .
Best regards Sterico O0 helpusall
Hi Sterico, thanks for the warm welcome. Just as i noticed your reply i was looking for your other posts as i had noticed the Thorne connection too, great minds and all that!:)

As for my Thornes; My Grand Father was Peter Thorne, his father was Richard Sydney Thorne, Whose father was George Warrener Thorne. I have George's marriage certificate (to rosina jane pomeroy) which states his father is Thomas Thorne, a builder. Thomas has a middle name but i cannot make it out on the certificate, it may be Walter. That is as far back as i can get at the moment but I havn't done that much research into Thomas yet.

Thanks again,

Hi jeno,
Found Richard Sydney Thorne, medal roll index. Service number-73781. Royal Engineers.

I think I have found him in Leyton, Essex

1901 census.

George Thorne 26
Rose. 27
Richard. 4 Born, Lewisham, London
Mabel. 3

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Oh thats fantastic, thank you Steve.

Do you know if there is anywhere i can find information about his time in the military using his name, service number and the fact he was in the engineers?
Hi jenO,

I think a great deal of records were destroyed during WW2, I have not found his service records on A------y.

The National Archives may hold some records.


Or try here:-


I have also found the marriage of George Warriner Thorne to Rosa Jane Pomeroy in 1895. jul/aug/sept
County-Greater London, Kent