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lost another 1

looking for francis moffet hinson b. abt 1894 in middlesbrough yorkshire.She is in south sheilds durham in 1891 and 1901 but her mother grandmother and father all die by 1905. also her brother johh r hinson b. south sheilds abt 1898/9. have found all the other family member just these two i cannot find on the 1911, did find a john hinson in an industrial school in whitburn but not 100% sure it the right one as if it is i sort of thought one of his sisters would have taken him in as he was the only boy, and they where all married by 1911.have had loads of probs with this family and the name spelling dave found them in 1891 listed as simpson. i dont get that even with my north east accent lol.:)sue
Hi Susan,
He looks the most likely. Perhaps he had to go to industrial school because of a crime or other reason? No offence meant, just wondering. Also was Frances married in 1911 and if so what was her name. You say John's sisters were married.

Francis didnt get married until 1915 in south sheilds, so i know she was in sheilds in 1911 but just cannot find her. I also think that its john in the industrial school. have checked all francis,s sisters to see if she was with them but no go. going to look into if she was possibly sent away as her parents where dead. thanks barbara
The only one I can find is a daughter of Joseph and Ellen born Yorkshire 1894 and living at South Shields but not her I take it?

no,its really strange, she has 4 sisters and 1 brother john, all the sisters are married with family by 1911 apart from john and francis .so i checked the sisters census returns first to see if she was with any of them, but what i thought was odd was that francis,s sister jane ann ramshaw is listed as with her husband thomas ramshaw with her sister nellie "elizabeth ellen" age 26 and her daughter sarah jane 11mnths and francis m 11 mnths, listed as a visitor, so is it francis and the enumerator had made a mistake? if the child was jane ann,s im sure it would say and the fact that francis is listed as a visitor. they were living in south sheilds. i dont know what to make of it:rolleyes:
not her im afraid.will give the family and it might shed some light.
henry hinson b1859 cambridge
elizabeth fairless b 1864 south sheilds
they marry in 1881 in middlesbrough and are on the 1881 census living with elizabeths parents.
children are:
elizabeth ellen b middlesbrough 1886
margaret b.1888 mboro
mary hannah b. 1882 mboro
jane ann b. 1992 mboro
francis m b. 1894 mboro
john r b. south sheilds 1899
in 1891 they where in middlesbrough
henry dies in 1901 ish in south sheilds
elizabeth remarries in 1903 to anthony bowdell she then dies in 1905 in south sheilds there is a daughter to this marriage eva eleanor b. 1904 d.1904.
just done a search for francis m hinson on the age given on the 1911 census making her about 11 months old, couldnt find anything , so is she mine if not is it a mistake or is she someone else in the familys child, but then why would she be hinson?? as all she had married where sisters. well the jury is out now.:)
Hi Susan,

She is definitely 11 months on the census. I looked at the original and the sister is down as friend and then crossed out and visitor put.

Frances is below that so prob the sister's daughter?

i looked at that too. but francis is not any of the sisters daughters as i have all of them already, and elizabeth "nellie" had no children as she did not marry until 1914. so im still stuck.lol she will be somewhere i just need to catch her lol, thanks suex:)