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Lost :/

Heya all,

Well where do i start...
I have been building my family tree and have been doing quite well however my grandfather(Rhoderick Buchanan Dowie) emergrated to Christchurch new zealand in 1963 when my mother was 6weeks old well now i have been doing so well building my tree im very curious to know what happend on his side of the family however i cant find anything on him on the electoral rolls that ive seen for new zealand,
Ive found a couple of old adrresses for his dad John Graham Buchanan Dowie and even his sister Elaine Graham Roberts Buchanan Dowie but nothing beyond 1981..It seems every avenue i try i keep comming to a block,
I'd like to know if there is anyone here that could offer some advice as to finding out what happend to him and his family or what they may have done/be doing with there life?

Thank you all Rochelle B Dowie

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