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Louisa Armitage
Birth Date: 1808
Father: Charles Armitage
Mother: Mary Skinner
Birth Place: New South Wales
Registration Year: 1808
Registration Place: Sydney, New South Wales
Volume Number: V18082627 1A

CofE Baptism Register in early days of the colony in Sydney.

There is a page with this heading:

Of Private Baptisms of Lawful Children or
those whose parents are married

The next page is headed:

Illegitimate Children
148 ...
149 Louisa, Daughter of Charles Armitage and Mary Skinner
born 19 April 1808 and Baptised 19 April 1812
150 ...

Marriage V1810191 5/1810 ARMYTAGE CHARLES - MORRIS JANE - CA= CofE St Philip Sydney

No. 191 Charles Armytage, Baker, of Sydney, N. S. Wales, a Bachelor & Jane Morris of the same place, Spinster, were married in this Church by License, this Thirteenth day of December in the year One Thousand eight Hundred & ten at 9 a.m. By me William Cowper Resident Chaplain
This marriage was solemnized bewtween us: Chas Armytage, Jane Morris
In the Presence of: Jas Morris, Jane Bladdey ?
Hi Dave,
have this for Mrs Mary Skinner
The Sydney Gazette & NSW Advertiser Sat 27 Oct 1810
All Persons who stand indebted to the estate of the late Mrs. MARY SKINNER, of Pitt-stteet,Sydney, deceased, are requested to pay the amount of their respective debts into the hands of Charles Armytage, in the said street, he being one of the Executors to the last Will and Testament of the said Mrs. Mary Skinner ; and all persons not conforming thereto on or before the 21st of the next month (August) will be proceeded against according to Law. Those who have claims on the said Estate are at the same time requested to furnish their Accounts to the Executor above-named within the given specified, in order that they may be discharged. D. Bevan,

Same paper Sat 22 Sept 1810
On Sunday last as Mrs. M. Skinner, of Pitt's Row, was riding on horseback on the road to South Head, she was unfortunately thrown, and had her leg broke by the fall.

Same paper Sat 29 Sept 1810
DIED—On Tuesday, at her house in Pitt's Row, Mrs. M. Skinner, widow of the late Mr. Samuel Skinner, in consequence of an illness occasioned by her unfortunately breaking her right leg ten days before.

2253/1807 V18072253 2A SKINNER SAMUEL
20/1810 V1810120 5 SKINNER MARY AGE 31
2558/1810 V18102558 2A SKINNER MARY AGE 31

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Her father Charles Armytage - death NSW BMD

5400/1822 V18225400 2B ARMYTAGE CHARLES AGE 48
684/1822 V1822684 8 ARMYTAGE CHARLES AGE 48

Wife Jane nee Morris remarried:
Same paper – Fri 4 Oct 1822
Married.-On the 25th ult. by special licence, at St. John's Church, Parramatta, by the Rev. Samuel Marsden, Mr. Charles Tompson, of Hunter-street, to Mrs. Jane Armytage, of Pitt-street, in this Town.


SMH Tues 31 Oct 1871
On the 29th instant, at her residence, Clydesville, Surry Hills, JANE, relict of the late CHARLES TOMPSON, formerly of Clydesdale, South Creek, aged 77 years.

SMH Fri 27 Jan 1871
TOMPSON—January 10, at Clydesville, Surry Hills, Charles Tompson, senior, late of Clydesdale, near Windsor, aged 87 years.

Thanks Val.

I didn't have those three articles.

CofE St Philip Sydney
1808 December 1 Samuel Skinner [no age] Sydney St.P.SydneyA

Vol 2 CofE St Philip Sydney
1810 September 27 Mary Skinner Abode: Sydney Age: 31 Sydney St.P.SydneyB

Vol 5 Funerals
1810 September 27 No. 120 Mary Skinner Aged 31 years (per Ship Nile 1801)