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Love Letter


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Have been at my box of bits and bobs again, and found a letter my father wrote to my mother in 1939, whilst on Army training.
It reads:-

My Darling Wife,
Just a few more lines hoping your are still keeping ok, and hoping that you will soon have that baby so that I can try and get some more leave. Although I do aggrevate you it is nice to be near you darling.
We are having some better weather up here now, I hope it is the same where you are then it will not be so bad for you then.
Is there any signs of the baby arriving yet. you are hanging on to what you have got this time but still that is one fault of yours, hanging on too long.
Well darling, I am on guard tonight, but I get half a day tommorrow, and I may go to the pictures in the evening.
There is not much to do. I bet you wish you could go to the pictures, don't you sweetheart, instead of lying up in that bed.
Have you got any more patients in that ward yet, I suppose Milliers baby has gone out now. Has Sybil gone out yet.
Well darling, I shall be glad when this is all over, so that we can all be together again.
Can't seem to settle down no how, as you get used to being at home.
I have to go back one day darling, but one day I will not have to go back, then we can start seeing what we can do.
I do not feel I can take an interest in anything while I am in this Army.
I have got half a day, but I think the farthest Iwill go will be up to the soldiers home. I got a bar of chocolate from them the other night, I put it in the letter I sent, I hope it gets to you ok.
Well darling, I have got not got much to tell you at this momemt, so I will wait until I hear from you.
All my Love and look after yourself.
Cheerio for now, write as much as you can, I love you my darling.
for Brian.


Write soon. XXX

This was posted from:-

535 S/L Batt. R.A
B. Troop
Buddon Camp

Mailed to:-

Royal Bucks Hospital

The baby was my eldest brother .b. 12th June. 1939

I will try and photocopy and post it.

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