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Lovely Valentines - From the FHUK Team


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Nottingham, England.
As it's St Valentine's Day, here's a nice love letter.
It's from Fred Crouch to his second "wife" - un-dated but some time in the later 1840s.
<< Monday Forenoon

Beloved wife, and each day more beloved because absence makes hearts grow fonder,- When the hope nearest our soul's desire is deferred we cling to it more and more, and though fate may want an extra share of patience, still fragrant hope bears us up against time's weary march, because our desires cannot be fulfilled.

I am one of those beings who never found a difficulty I did not conquer, or any misfortune I did not recover from. I have set my heart on your happiness, and my life is your keeping. Thou hast seen more of the being that Providence has given you lately and can better judge of his worth.

Of thy good qualities I have been a silent but quick observer, and that which I feel within is better told by actions rather than words, for there are certain feelings words cannot define.

In all my studies at home or abroad thou art the shadow that lights my path, and as business will prevent my seeing you most of the week, I pen these hasty lines to say that instead of going to my father's this evening, you must come and make tea for your husband, and spend the evening in his society, for up to Saturday next I have no evening to myself, unless I come in the day time; I therefore must have recourse to the pen to explain the nature of my sentiments to you, which otherwise I should experience in your arms. Remember from 6 to half past 8 o'clock this evening. No denial. Till that time my hours are occupied for the continual benefit and education of our affectionate children.

God bless you dearest Bessy, and in that holy desire accept all an affectionate, doating (sic) husband has to offer - his unqualified love and devotion to yourself.


Wasn't it sweet of him to make her an appointment to come and cook his

By 1849 he was living with another woman, with whom he skipped off to America. The letter was produced in court as evidence of paternity and was printed in The Times.

Whilst we are on the subject of Valentines, may I wish everyone a lovely Valentines - especially from the FHUK Team
She must have felt really blessed, being invited around to cook for him! I can only guess how pleased she might have been when he took off!!!
:D :2fun:
;) as I frist read you letter, I thought is very sweet, but.... the ending shows that absence didn't make the heart go fonder, but goes back to when the cat is away the mice will play, or in this case the cat will play >:D while the mice stays home:eek:. Thank you for sharing. oh yeah is today the 14th or 15th there? Yesterday was Valentines day here. Happy Valentines to all:kissu: