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Lt Col Henry joseph Crossley,RAMC

I need help to find any informtion on Lt col Henry joseph Crossley in Ramc he was in 7th meerut Div during the great war.
He also was a Lieutenant in the boar war and was mentioned in dispatches
29th july 1902 and also mentioned in dispatches in 1916 can someone find the pages in the gazette.
I am having trouble reading PDF files
best regards
Wow that is a something else trying to read that lot in the gazette. The one page i did find mention of your fella the left hand side was like it was printed over the top of but luckily your fella was mentioned on the right hand side.
Found this on the right hand side of page 5684 dated 2nd Sept 1902. Is that what you were looking for?

The undermentioned Gentlemen to be Lieutenants
on probation. Dated. 1st September, 1902:: —
Arthur Briton Smallman, M.B. .
Percival Davidson, M.B., D.S.O., from
Honorary Captain. p
Wentworth.Francis Tyndale.-
William Francis Ellis.
John BfcKenziej M.B..
Arthur Her&ert Hayesv
Henry Joseph -Crossley
Norman Dunb'ar Walker.
William Batchelor Taylor.
Reginald ^Stqrrs.
Gjeorge Thomas Collins,. M.B,
Frederick Adderley Howard Clarke.

I have found another but will post later.
Hello Ben,

That's interesting.

You may be able to help me so I'll post my query in a new topic now.


Henry Joseph Crossley relinquiching his commision 1919.
You need to sort your computer out so you can search and download pages from the London Gazzette.

On the basis you try simple thing first I just googled his name. You may have course seen or contributed to the considerable amount of material available including letters to and from his mother, letters to the British Medical Journal etc

I would suggest you scan through to see if there is anything of help to you. Have you got a photo? I will look through my Boer War boks to see if there is anything
I would like to thank everyone who help me with Very useful information on Lt Col Henry J Crossley, Thanks to Gibbo great results many thanks,
and thankyou to Ben & Dochines thanks guys
best regards